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3 free residences - 3 weeks - december 2020





Deep in the Spanish inland, on a wooded estate of 25 hectares, lies the ecologic artist’s residency arteventura. A distinct philosophy of autonomy and back to basics form the foundation of the residency. The finca covers an area of 25 ha of century old oaks which our visiting artists can fully enjoy at any time. In the front part of the finca we converted an old ruin into a 250m2 communal studio with an inside and outdoor workspace.
Artists in residence can choose between two types of  accommodation: There are 2 individual flats of  ±40 m2, equipped as a flexi-workspace. Next to the studio we offer a 2 bedroom apartment that can be used by a single artist (bedroom +  workspace), or by a duo that wants to work on a joint project. We aim at a maximum of 3 artists (exceptional 4, duo working on a joined project)  in residence at the same time. 

Thanks to the friends of arteventura, we can offer the first free residences. We will invite 3 artists to live and work in this magical place, where artists wander and get inspired. Where they are engaged in research and development. Where the emphasis is more on the trajectory then on the results.  The foundation is brand new and still growing. Depending on how many donations we receive, we will extend the funded residences. 


Prizes Details: 

• Selfcatering apartment
• Communal atelier

Not included
• Transport
• Material
• Food


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