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Free to partecipate at the selection!
Partecipate at the selection of - STAGE 2 - and reenter to 10 selected artist for VIRTUAL EXHIBITION!

Concrete expositive virtual room for the best vision of our mind! Partecipate at teh selection of STAGE 2 and reenter to 10 selected artist for this virtual exhibition! STAGE 2 Starting form 15/03/2022 To partecipate at this virtual exhibition after the selection is request the donation of 20,00 euro, all information will be send to selected artist! Remember to us the pubblication on Orbit Art Gallery - STAGE 2 - Comprend your permanently page, biography, photo biography, Artwork and your contacts, the page will be permanently on the site! 
Is permise multiple submission.
In all exhibition is comprense:
- pubblication with your biography, photo biography, artworks and contacts.
- pubblication on social media facebook: http://facebook.com/orbitartspacegallery

Soon the opening of social media (Instagram) to promote the project.



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if you're selected for virtual exhibition
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Al-Tiba9 ISSUE07 | Established Contemporary Art Magazine





Sign up your submission for Al-Tiba9 Magazine ISSUE07.

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an internationally established publication that showcases experimental contemporary art, reflects modern society and its environment through a diversity of mediums in Digital Arts, photography, painting, architecture, sculpture & installations, Film & Video Art, fashion design, interior design , and performance.

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine features selected artists, architects and designers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those holding a detailed vision of the future. The magazine is a unique space where individual architects and designers can freely express their artistic vision and - in effect - become the original media themselves. The featured artists benefit from international exposure to our art network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the world. They are engaged with our readers and followers every day through our social media, website, print, and digital issues.

Al-Tiba9 is a cultural partner of one of the most influential Contemporary Art Fair in the world, ARCOmadrid and ARCOlisboa. ISSUE07 will be showcased as a limited edition ArtBook in ArtsLibris Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and distributed worldwide.


- Artists are welcome to submit their work. All techniques are welcome.

- Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

- Artists featured in the past Issues can submit new works.

• Al-Tiba9 Magazine showcases 120 high level designed pages, printed in high museum quality paper.

If you are experiencing troubles with your application, please contact us at apply@altiba9.com

Good Luck
Al-Tiba9 Team.


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The Babel Masks





The Librarian of Babel is a virtual space created for the purpose of bringing artists and thinkers together at different events.

We call all artists to create and submit a mask to The Babel Masks, a juried exhibition of original masks.

Masks have become a way of life in 2020 as we grapple with the covid-19 pandemic. What if masks remain with us from now on?

This exhibition imagines how masks will evolve in 100 years as daily wear. In the hands of artists, the design still protects the mouth and nose while being more expressive, even more sculptural, more stylish and more ceremonial than the basic design we know today.

We want to see the dreams and visions that are coming to you from your daydreams and nightmares of 2120! Given how fast fashion and art evolve and move from one decade to the next, consider how much one artist can to do take the simple protective mask and raise it to a form of high art  . . . or high fashion.

WHERE WILL MY WORK APPEAR? The Babel Masks is a virtual exhibition space. If selected, your work will appear there as well as in a print-on-demand exhibition catalog.

Each artist may submit one mask. We want to see three images of your mask. Please use the weblink in this ad for further instructions on how to apply.

Works will be selected by a blind jury and included in a virtual exhibition as well as a print-on-demand catalog.

There is no fee to apply or to exhibit. Send us your work!


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No fees.
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Al-Tiba9 is offering artists to join its first virtual contemporary exhibition of 30 artists from around the globe who reflect contemporary perspectives and inspirations that attract our future in today's moment. This particular show aims to give the artist a curated show and extensive international exposure that helps them to deal with the online technologies and confront their works in a virtual environment.

Prizes Details: 

• Opening exhibition June 1st, 2020

• Duration : 3 weeks show.

• All selected artists will benefit from a dedicated page on Al-Tiba9 official website. 

• All published artists will be promoted on our web site, social media, and newsletters.


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2020 Vision: 100 Years of Justice




The Magistrates Association is seeking 20 artists from across England and Wales for their 2020 Vision: 100 Years of Justice exhibition. This exhibition is celebrating the centenary of the organisation and will travel to 4 locations: Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London. After the exhibition ends, the works will be permanently displayed at the Magistrates Association head office in London and their branches across the country.

About the exhibition

MA have back issues of MAGISTRATE magazine, in its varying incarnations, dating back to its initial publication in 1921. These magazines chart almost 100 years in criminal justice and contain a history of the life and times of England & Wales. 

This archive forms the foundation of the exhibition, as it will be both a retrospective of 100 years of the history of justice in the UK, and a gaze into the future. Selections of the magazines will be displayed alongside original artwork in response to 10 key themes.

The 10 themes are topical issues around which both legislation and societal attitudes have evolved considerably in the last century, and might conceivably evolve even further. These are:

  1. Rights of the child  
  2. Gender and the justice system
  3. The role of prison in society
  4. Ownership of information
  5. Race and criminal justice
  6. LGBT+ rights 
  7. Freedom of expression  
  8. Freedom of association
  9. Victims’ rights
  10. The concept of justice

Each artist will select a theme they want to respond to, and select whether they are looking at the past 100 years on the topic, or imagining the future. 

The brief

You can submit an existing work (if it responds to one of the themes) or you can create a completely new piece. Detailed information on all the themes is at the end of the document. 

Size: We ask that the work you produce is no smaller than 30cmx40cm and no larger than 120cmx120cm.

Medium: You can use a medium of your choice, however the work must be 2D and able to hang on a wall (ie. no sculpture, performance, video or installation etc will be considered). We will be happy to consider painting, drawing, serigraphs, embroidery, tapestry, photography, etc. 

Budget: We offer an all-inclusive honorarium of £500 for successful completion of the piece and framing of the work. 

Paintings on stretched canvases do not need to be framed. We will cover the delivery of the work to London.


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OPEN CALL: Futureless - QueerFeminist Group Exhibition





For the upcoming Futureless group exhibition, taking place between April 1 and 9 at SomoS Berlin, the SomoS curatorial team is calling for ephemeral installations, durational art pieces, performative lectures/projects as well as discourse-based work and other art forms that deal with topics related to queer/feminist* futures, including:

  • The role of imagination, fantasy, fiction and speculation in shaping alternative futures.
  • Digitization, technological and scientific development.
  • Earthly, ecological and environmental precarity.
  • Ecosexuality and the relationships between humans and the rest of nature.

Deadline: January 26, 2020, midnight

Application fee: none

Eligibility: international artists working in any medium

From their political root, queer/feminist identities, ideas and actions offer alternative perspectives on how society can be continuously shaped and reshaped differently. With the capitalist dream of progress fading, the Futureless group exhibition recognises an important history of queer/feminist futurism that generates possibility through imagination; the writing of Samuel R. Delany and Octavia Butler, films such as Lizzy Borden’s Born in Flames, Shu Lea Chang’s Fluido and the cult-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as the art of Juliana Huxtable and Rebecca Belmore, all come to mind to name just some examples.

The loss of a future once thought by some as great and bright leaves us in a futureless state. Such a state may feel at once empty and ominous, yet also appear as a vast and promising site for speculative fiction and fantasy. In this futureless void, queer/feminist answers become not only increasingly relevant, but also more articulate. What does it mean for queer/feminist thought and art that the future is missing? How can we dream of and interpret the present as seen from the future? 

Artists may respond to some of the following questions:

  • Which mythological, fantastical or other-worldly perspectives or examples are beneficial for life on a precarious planet? 
  • What does a queer/feminist utopia look like? In contrast, what does a queer/feminist dystopia look like?
  • What is the future of gender?
  • How can we foster a queer/feminist ecosystem?
  • To what extent is ecological struggle the struggle for universal emancipation?
  • How may we perform rituals to recognise the loss of the future?
  • What are the connections between queer/feminist perspectives on future and others that are formed out of minority positions or resistance, e.g. Afrofuturism, indigenous futurism, decolonization, Trans Futurism, among others?

Both existing works as well as new works are eligible for participation.

Submissions to the exhibition should include a detailed description of the artwork or project. We will look at any proposal with great interest and an open mind, but are especially eager to include installation based pieces, works that are durational, participative and/or interactive, for example, performances, and other works that take shape over time, works that are built in situ before or during the exhibition, works that create their own environment or that involve building an environment that is the backdrop to a performance as well as works that invoke all these forms and incorporate discourse into them through lecture, text etc.

Selected artists/performers will be invited to participate in a group exhibition at SomoS Art House in Berlin that will take place from 01.04.2020-09.04-2020.

*Please note: Considering the common questions of gender and sexuality, we included both queer and feminist perspectives in this Open Call. We encourage submissions that are both queer and feminist, as well as other submissions that lean towards one term or the other. We aimed to express this through the formulation of queer/feminist throughout the Open Call.

Please visit our website below to find out more and to submit your proposal.


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