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"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Europe's boomtown Leipzig, Germany. The independent project is organized by artists with a transdisciplinary background between art, theory & science with the aim to support artists.


The project invites within the “International Residency Program” selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m² communally used, fully remodeled space for a period of three months, with 24h studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind wich represents our unpaid working hours. We maintain engagements with several partners, and by introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies and embraces a trans-disciplinary ethos, aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around twelve international and two local artists working in the space and participate on our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over.

Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters.We’re looking for artists to participate on our program in 2020.


What we provide

Our “International Residence Program” fuses the use of studio space with internal and external program activities.

The studio space consists of:

  • one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.) + usage of the workshop equipment
  • approximately twelve artists per 3 months working in the space
  • furnished shared used tea kitchen

the program consists of:

  • Program activities referring to the interests of the artists
  • studio visits
  • guest critiques
  • galeries and museum tours
  • contact to the local art scene
  • contact to the cities cultural scene
  • two exhibitions in interesting venues


Prizes Details: 

 basic fee of 3200 EUR minus 1400 Stipend in kind makes a total fee for 3 Months of 1800 EUR

we ask participants to transfer a prior payment of 450 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program. not refundable, refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts)

rest of 1350€ for participating in the program is due 28 days before the program starts. The fee covers the studio & the participation cost

travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional

The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists, for 1400EUR per period.



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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