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Hear and Now is a drive-through exhibition in the San Antonio Parking Garage on the UT campus that will be on view from March 5 - 7 2021, coinciding with the 2021 TEDxUTAustin conference: ​Unmute​. This project is inspired by Aurora's Area 3 and other innovative projects that offer art experiences outside of traditional spaces. We welcome applications that speak to the ​expression of thoughts and ideas in our increasingly digital and behind-the-screen world​. Hear and Now offers artists, critics, and activists an open framework to articulate artistic perspectives regarding the experience of consciously taking the actions needed to become heard, whether that be literally or figuratively, and unapologetically letting yourself and your intentions be represented without regret or reconsideration plagued by social constructs.

Curated by TEDxUTAustin and the College of Fine Arts at UT Austin, the exhibition addresses the social issues and changes we have recently experienced. We seek to unmute the voices of those silenced in our communities; unmute to speak up about change; unmute who we are as individuals.

TEDxUTAustin is a student-run organization at UT Austin, focused on bringing together creative and critical thinkers of the Austin community through discussions on innovations in technology, entertainment, and design.

Contributions may reflect on:

●  Reflections on communication and communication blockage with an eye towards innovation, forward thinking, and perceptiveness.

●  Comprehending the past, conceptualizing the future, and making the effort in the present to be the voice of change.


Submission guidelines:

●  Deadline: December 31th, 2020, 11:59PM CST.

●  Artists must be based in Austin, Texas

●  Artists working in all media are encouraged to apply.

●  Since this exhibition will be taking place in a parking garage with moving vehicles,

exhibition dimensions will be discussed individually with each artist.


Entry Fee:

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