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OPEN CALL TO ACTORS: [INSERT FEELING HERE] immersive art experience




OPEN CALL TO ACTORS: Looking for actors to collaborate on a unique immersive art exhibition for two nights only on 26 & 27 February in the Old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey.

The performance is part of a unique immersive art exhibition [INSERT FEELING HERE], an artist reflection on chasing our own emotions, the highs and the lows and making space for everything in between. The aim of the event is to make people feel and experience art becoming part of the creation process rather than observers. The audience will dive into the minds of 11 artists and get immersed into their practice.

We are looking for the following:

- Actors to encourage the audience to interact with immersions and ensure the flow of people from one immersion to the other.
- Actors to act as nurses in a lab room immersion designed to make the audience reflect on emotions, the brain and art
- An actor to impersonate Sigmund Freud in an immersion designed to make the audience reflect on how they feel

There will be a lot of scope for self expression and co-creation as part of the project.



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