immigration waves

Solidarity Circles web residency for new media artists 
 from the Post-Soviet countries






Chimera platform in partnership 
with 8XR metaverse graphic game engine 
is launching its inaugural web residencyunder the theme ‘Solidarity Circles’.

Artists, art duos or art collectives based in Post-Soviet countries are invited 
for an 8-week remote residency 
to create an interactive 3D environment 
accessible online from laptops, mobiles, 
and VR headsets.

Programming skills are not required.

The selected artist will receive 
a bursary of $300, curatorial feedback sessions, technical consultations 
with the 8XR team, and a solo show 
as a result of the program.

We expect applications from artists 
proposing an original born-digital project with collaborative and critical approaches towards our present times.

Key themes might include 
but are not limited to, immigration waves, current conflicts, self-determinaton, 
and decolonisation

The purpose of the ‘Solidarity Circles’ residency is to build new connections 
and models of cooperation 
between artists, activists 
and art professionals.

During the residency, the participant 
will be invited to give an artist talk or another public event online to present their work.

Prize Summary: 
$300 cash prizes
Contact & Links: 
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