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Green Concept Award 2022






Submit concepts for a sustainable future to the Green Concept Award 2022!

The Green Concept Award is aimed at students, start-ups and established companies, honouring concepts of sustainable materials, products and services that are not yet on the market. The submission deadline is November 1st, 2021.

Students and graduates receive special support. The young designers receive a toolkit for developing their concept into a sustainable product or service. Free workshops and Q&A sessions as well as interim feedback are further offers. Selected participants receive help with presentation & communication for later matchmaking. Exhibitions at (inter-)national fairs and design festivals - such as Dutch Design Week - are in preparation. Thanks to the support of the IKEA Stiftung, participation is free of charge.

Categories: Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, New Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Kitchen, Mobility, Sport and Workspace. An award is given to concepts that can make a special contribution to a more sustainable future. The Green Product Award is dedicated to existing sustainable products and services.

The winners of the Green Concept Awards are determined in a three-stage award process:

  • inclusion in the 'Pre-Selection' (ongoing).
  • announcement of the Nominees for the Green Concept Award 2022.
  • determination of the winners by the jury. Additional winner of the audience award through a public vote (60,000 votes in 2021).

The Green Concept Award 2022 Jury:

Prof. Martin Charter (Centre of Sustainable Design), Ludovico Durante (Staiy), Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt (Lund University), Karsten Bleymehl (The Circular Materials GmbH), Tina Kammer (InteriorPark.), Prof. Xin Liu (Tsinghua University), Katja Lucas (Dutch Design Week), Kiersten Muenchinger (University of Oregon), Johanna Neves Pimenta (md INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE), Dr. Robert Pludra (Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw), Katja Reich (DBZ Deutsche BauZeitschrift), Mimi Sewalski (, Jewell Sparks (BITHOUSE Venture Group / UNITED17 Ventures), Anna Theil (Studio Für Morgen), Sebastian Thies (nat-2 / thies 1856®), Hon. Prof. Meike Weber (Architektin und Kulturmanagerin), Michael Weber (Projektträger Jülich – PTJ), Julius Wiedemann (TASCHEN-Verlag), Melodie Abdollahi (Haus von Eden), Katja Keienberg (baby&junior), Petra Schmatz (green Lifestyle), Raz Godelink (Parsons School of Design), Katrin de Louw (Trendfilter).

The festive award ceremony and the exhibition with the winning entries will take place in March 2022 on the occasion of the IHM International Crafts Fair and parallel to the Munich Creative Business Week in Munich. Further exhibitions are being planned.

Award Timeline

01.11.2021       Award Submission Deadline
13.12. 2021       Nominees Announcement
13.12. 31.01 22  Jury evaluation & Audience Awards public voting
09.03. 2022     Award Ceremony & Exhibition start

Further Information
Green Concept Award   
Green Product Award    

Green Future Club

Under the claim 'Let's design the future', the Green Future Club aims to contribute to a future where all products are sustainable. The association sees its mission as bringing together a diverse group of pioneers, thinkers, doers and visionaries to promote the sustainable development of materials, products and services. With the Green Product Award and Green Concept Award, the club has been making 'best practice' examples accessible to a broad public on an international level since 2013 - for more visibility of products, services and concepts that are to inspire consumers and industry globally. The Green Future Club is a global network that is constantly expanding - through new members and multiplicators, growing online and face-to-face events, and multi-faceted action. 

Prize summary: 
Seals, Certificate, Book feature & Media coverage
Prizes Details: 

1. Receive one of the Green Concept Award Seals (Pre-Selection, Nominee or Winner) with unrestricted advertising rights.
2. Get digital exposure to about 7 million contacts through our website, social media channels and partner sites.
3. Integration in the Green Concept Award website main gallery (1 year) & database (permanent).
4. Eligibility to participate in the online public voting for the Green Concept Audience Award.
5. Concept feature in the annual Green Trend Book.
6. Evaluation and point based feedback by the international jury on design, innovation and sustainability.
7. Integration in expert pool for talks, workshops, spin-off projects and exhibition opportunities in Europe.


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KUNST 2021 - BERLIN    15-20 October 2021

This yearly art exhibition in Berlin has been organized by GaleriaZero / The Netherlands and will be hosted this year by the German / American art foundation "Lite-Haus" situated in the well known art district Neukölln in Berlin.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Only participation fee if selected.
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Artists-in-Mining Residency




Going Deep. Going Lithium: Inhabiting Green Technologies

How can arts-led approaches integrate intangible human aspects in immersive technologies, trigger effective cross-sectoral interaction and sustainable, inclusive innovation in the mining sector?


Lithium is a critical metal for the battery supply in our modern society. The question is, however, how to extract lithium with the smallest of impacts on the environment, with a low carbon, or even net zero, footprint? Research suggests that extracting lithium from geothermal waters with new DLE (Direct Lithium Extraction) technologies might be the most environmentally-responsible way to retrieve the critical metal. Cornwall, with its rich pool of underground hot springs, is thus best suited to produce a battery quality lithium hydroxide product from deep earth. Cornish Lithium (CL), a young company in Cornwall, fosters these new approaches and is evaluating the potential to utilize the heat energy as a power supply. To explore, discover and research CL uses digital technologies and collaborates with universities and diverse sectors. Deep Earth Synergies is thus partnering with Cornish Lithium to include the arts within that nexus. Emerging technologies, often considered as if existing in abstract, uninhabited spaces, could benefit from the inclusion of human beings and their embodied experience. We thus would like to tap the arts’ potential to open new ways of seeing, questioning, driving innovation and communication across sectors.

The artist will therefore be encouraged to imagine how to populate spaces of technology and how the technology and innovation would benefit from this habitation during a process of co-creation and collaboration with Cornish Lithium and Deep Earth Synergies. In this way, the artist is engaged at the forefront of the mine and the technological advances being investigated. Congruently, the artist becomes a conduit for society and social engagement, asking about the human essence in technology. Stories and society will drive connectivity to both earth and people, in order to foster sustainable innovation.

We are inviting proposals from experienced artists to undertake a residency this summer, with the outcome of a multi-media/digital artwork to be exhibited in Autumn 2021. In addition, one school workshop will be facilitated by the artist during the residency period, and two virtual exhibition talks during workshops with audiences in the autumn.

The residency if 22 days in totlal will take place at Cornish Lithium with a kick-off workshop, several monitoring and feedback sessions, excursions to the exploration sites and offices, access to the archives and interaction with scientists and staff. The residency period will be on and off site over the span of four weeks during the months of June and July 2021 and a dissemination process in autumn 2021. A minimum of seven days should be spent in Cornwall depending on Covid-19 restrictions. Artists must be available during this period.

The selected artist will receive a fee of £6270 to include 22 days residency, and two further presentation sessions in the Autumn of 2021.


Entry Fee:

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