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Call for Applications: NAC Residency Programme June–November 2020 and Nightlife Residency June–July 2020 in Nida, Lithuania





Call for Applications: NAC Residency Programme June–November 2020 and Nightlife Residency June–July 2020 in Nida, Lithuania  

Application deadline: 27 March, 2020

NAC is seeking applications for its international residency program and new residency format dedicated to nightlife from artists working in a wide range of disciplines.


NAC Residency Programme June–November 2020

The residency programme at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (NAC) grants selected artists the opportunity to live and work in Nida, Lithuania for a period between two and six months. NAC is located in a remote UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the unique landscape of the Curonian spit: forest, sand dunes, a freshwater lagoon, and the sea. NAC is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts and in addition to the international artist-in-residency programme, it organises educational and research projects as well as exhibitions.

The programme has the capacity to host up to five international residents at a time. NAC regularly works with visual artists and researchers who focus on history, ecology and politics, social sciences, visual culture and interdisciplinarity. The programme is also open to designers, architects, and curators, as well as practitioners working with performing arts, sound, material research/craft, and film. In addition, proposals for a residency by professionals from other fields are always welcome.

The programme’s goal is to provide time and space for residents to focus, and through exchange, gain insight, broaden, and diversify their outlook. NAC is collaborating with local cultural institutions and offers the possibility to organise presentations and engage with the educational programme of NAC by conducting artist talks or workshops at Vilnius Academy of Arts or local public schools.

Each of the five duplex residency studios have 65m2 of total space, and are equipped with basic kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and workspace infrastructure. Additionally, full access is given to the common spaces such as the library and the professional workshop (with laser cutting, wood and metal working tools, plus photo, video and sound equipment).

Two to six months; June–November 2020

Studio and living space rent is 400 Eur/month, including all taxes, use of equipment, WiFi, communal spaces, and bicycles. No grants are available; selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant-seeking.


Nightlife Residency June–July 2020

In collaboration with Beijing based I: Project Space and The Neighborhood, we are calling for DJs, producers, artists, and performers to work in Nida for a two-month residency in June and July 2020, to focus on individual productions and connect to the vivid and urban summer community of the Neringa region, including its open-air beach and forest clubs, bars and hangouts. Nida is a remote village on the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea in Lithuania, secluded during most parts of the year, but then becoming a broad meeting point in the summer months.

Developed by I: Project Space and The Neighborhood, Nightlife Residency was launched 2018 for the first time to give artists working on fusion of visual art and nightclub culture time and space to focus on their productions as well as connect to the ever-growing and increasingly idiosyncratic nightclub and electronic music communities in Beijing and China. Bringing this residency format to Nida and the Baltic Region, we want to open up the NAC Residency to a broad scope of practitioners, rhythms, sounds, and visuals and contribute to twisting and broadening definitions of visual culture.

“This new nightlife residency is a safe space for unsafe ideas.”

“You see the untapped potential of nightclubs as spaces in need of deeper consideration; you agree that the relationship between nightlife and contemporary art has not yet been fruitfully explored. As a producer or DJ, you extend what you do into the visual realm; and/or the visual art that you make is tied up with electronic music and nightclubs.”

During the residency, there will be opportunities to perform, exhibit, and experiment with the local scene. The selected resident will receive a 2500€ grant to cover travel and visa costs, living, accommodation, and workspace costs at NAC in Nida.

This application is open to all; there are no restrictions on artists’ mediums, age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or any other criteria.


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"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Germanys new art capital, Leipzig. The independent project is organized by artists with a transdisciplinary background between art and theory, with aim to support and empower artists.

10-12 artists from around the world spend three months in our fully renovated industrial space that was once a barbwire factory. While here, each artist has 24/7 access to their 36m² studio within the 465m² communal space.

Our concept strives to create space for experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater Leipzig community. We maintain engagements with several partners, and by introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Two local artists join the International artists for our multifaceted program activities and exhibitions. These activities, and time spent working in and out of the studio, foster stimulating dialogue. This leads to a long-term network that exists long after the program is over.

The Studio space consists of:

  • one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.)
  • approximately twelve artists per month working in the space
  • furnished shared used tea kitchen

The Program activities are:

  • two group exhibitions in interesting venues.
  • Professional documentation of the exhibitions
  •  studio visits,
  • contact to the local art szene,
  • organized museum tours,
  • scheduled art critiques,

Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind. In addition, the artists receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa processes. If required, the project assists with additional individual reference letters.


One of our accepted artists is not able to come, take the chance to participate.

We will benefit the last minute decision of the selected artist financially by reducing the costs.


costs / participation fee: 1400 EUR* / 3 months, per artist including a

prior payment: 450,00 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program, not refundable, refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts)

the fee covers the studio & the participation cost - travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional


  • We increase the artists international visibility by organizing two exhibitions in interesting venues,
  • publishing an artist spotlight for each artist and
  • provide professional documentation of the exhibitions, which will be made available to the artists
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30/04 - 10/5/20

05/10 - 17/10/20

How much attention do you pay to surrounding soundscapes?

German sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek uses field recording to explore acoustic ecology, bio-acoustics and soundscapes. PRAKSIS’s 17th residency Climata takes its starting point from questions he addresses in his practice. They include:

What do climate soundscapes sound like; how, and where, do they occur?

What can sound tell us about how the world is changing and our future?

What effect do human-generated soundscapes have on biodiversity and climate?

In what ways can ecological change be represented to instigate meaningful change?

This open call invites applications from artists, musicians, poets, scientists and others with an interest in ecology and sound, and a desire to explore these and related questions. Eight places are available, and applications are welcome from residents of Oslo, Norwegian nationals, and international candidates.

PRAKSIS will carbon offset resident’s journeys to and from Oslo, but recognises that a discussion of the need and importance of travel for our activity is particularly significant for this residency. The topic of what these journeys bring for participants and others, and how significant the distance and time involved in cross-cultural exchange is will also be addressed during the residency. One tool you may wish to use to consider the impact of your journey is



Lasse-Marc Riek uses field recording as a means to capture and explore acoustic ecology, bio-acoustics and soundscapes. Since 1997, he has operated internationally, staging exhibitions and concerts, releasing recordings, and delivering lectures and workshops. Diverse venues have hosted his performances: galleries, art museums, churches and universities. His work has featured on public media, including public radio channels. He has received scholarships and participated in artist-in-residence programs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is co-founder of the label Gruenrekorder, which since 2001 has concentrated on soundscapes, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions and works in these contexts with artists and scientists on an international level. More information at:



This residency extends over a six-month period and features 2 x two-week-long periods of group residency activity based in Oslo. In the intervening period participants are invited to continue the residency dialogue via digital platforms.

Part one: Research and Process, based in Oslo
Arrival 30 April 2020 - Departure 10 May 2020

This intensive session will allow participants to introduce their practices and share ideas. It will seek to define the residency’s foci, look at work being done in the field, and discuss its possible directions, intentions and methods. Activities during this period include practical work involving workshops, on-site visits, seminars, discussions, walks, and recording sessions.

Part two: Contact and Exchange via digital platforms
1 June 2020 - 1 October 2020

Continued dialogue and development of projects.

Part three: Implementation and Results, based in Oslo
Arrival 5 October 2020 - Departure 17 October 2020

Residents return to discuss, install and disseminate project outcomes. Potential formats include interviews, sound collages/compositions, archival displays, visualizations, performances, in-situ actions in urban spaces, and more.

PRAKSIS residencies are intensive and structured around the interests and needs of their participants. The particular form that each residency takes is developed collectively through discussion once the group comes together. Group members are encouraged to share their reasons for applying and what they hope to get out of their time with PRAKSIS.

Convened by Lasse-Marc Riek, the residency will be non-hierarchical, and feature a mixture of self-led and arranged activities. Residents are encouraged to suggest or lead an action, activity or workshop with the group relating to their own background interests and/or methods. Participants are also encouraged to contribute towards a shared resource list compiled in advance of the residency. Potential resources include readings, podcasts, films, music, or other materials for consideration during the residency.



This residency is free of charge and offers comfortable accommodation for non-Oslo based residents in central Oslo. Local residents will continue to live at their usual address. The residency community will regularly come together at the residency studio space, and at organised events and meals.

Selected international participants receive a stipend of 3000 NOK (approximately 300 euros) towards additional costs.

Weekly meals encourage discussion, debate and friendship. On weekdays PRAKSIS will provide lunch at PRAKSIS HQ. Dinners for all residents plus invited guests are held weekly.

Oslo has a vibrant and adventurous arts landscape. PRAKSIS will provide residents with information and links to the city’s cultural scene, informing them about exhibitions, talks, performances and other events. PRAKSIS seeks wherever possible to connect participants with relevant organisations and individuals in Oslo, introducing the residency community to Oslo creatives in various spheres, including curators, writers, and artists.

Activities and events will be mainly held at PRAKSIS’s space in central Oslo. At the start of the residency, participants are invited to make a presentation, informally introducing themselves and their practice to the rest of the group. Other activities include residency-related visits, a tour of Oslo's galleries, networking events, discussions and group critiques – some open to the public. A screening/seminar event will address issues surrounding the residency theme.

Residents are responsible for their own travel and any further costs.

Three places are available for international residents. Further places may be offered subject to securing support. Approximately four spaces are available to local residents.

Our team is happy to support applications for external grants wherever possible.


Sound specialists, Notam, will make a selection of sound recording equipment available to residents. Specifications can be discussed in detail with selected participants. If you have specific requirements, it may be advisable to bring your own equipment.


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Horned Dorset Colony




HDC brings together talented visual artists, writers and composers who need time and space to work and wish to exchange ideas in a comfortable rural setting. Accommodations and private studios are in several restored houses surrounded by 300 acres of private wooded hillside. Dinners are served at the renowned Horned Dorset Inn, where residents share conversation and exhibit their work. A $500 place-holder deposit will be required of all accepted candidates. There will be no other fees or costs. HDC does not provide stipends for travel or artist's materials. Three sessions are offered for 2020 and artists may apply at any time. Session I, May 27 - June 21 . Session II, June 24 - July 19 . Session III September 2 - September 27.


Entry Fee:

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