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Artifex is the art show component of the International Peace and Film Festival. This will be the first year of this art component, and we're very excited about the addition. We're not looking to be yet another dull art gallery or exhibit, this is art in action, featuring the artist at work. Imagine a space where the audiences move through the exhibit space and see your finished works displayed-- while you work on your next piece. It can be sculpture, paint or pottery, but seeing it happen is critical to the theme of Artifex.

Additionally, we are working to incorporate musicians to perform solo style instrumentation in the same space, to build the environment of art in progress. 

The exhibits will be outside the screening and performance areas of the film festival. (You're welcome to sell your work, connect with new students, or make business contacts.)  While there is no fee for selected artists to participate, there is also no funding for expenses. Everyone at IPFF volunteers and the event is free to the public. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, let's connect.

About IPFF 2020
The International Peace & Film Festival combines the excitement of film, fashion, art and performing artists with the goodwill of cultural exchange. IPFF 2020 will feature competing independent films from 53 countries worldwide, including narrative, shorts, trailers and documentaries. The annual event attracts international filmmakers, artists and speakers to come and interact with audiences in Orlando, Florida's popular tourism district. IPFF features independent film screenings, "Artist in Progress" exhibitions along with completed exhibits from the artists, and cultural performances from international dancers and musicians. The event concludes when the Izuminka Euro Fashion Expo presents the ‘Film and Fashion’ awards ceremony, where beautiful models showcase custom designer gowns between the awards for the top films in the festival. What makes IPFF truly unique is that everything is free to the public, all participants are volunteering their time to promote Peace through the sharing of worldwide arts.


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Prizes are subject to funds raised from sponsor participation. Credentials for participating artists will be provided at the conclusion of the festival, including promotion and press release details from the festival website, and our social media /Roku TV channels. 


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