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Curated By. Lacy Barry






Applications are now open for the first of our series of Artist & Fashion curated jewellery exhibitions. Merging the worlds of Fashion, Jewellery & Art we launch a new, ongoing series of jewellery exhibitions in our Berlin based showroom.

Titled ‘Curated By’, AA-COLLECTED will be working with a selection of talented Artists and/or Designers to curate a series of jewellery exhibitions alongside exhibitions of the artists work.

As with our previous series at BACHT Showroom in Vienna, which was included in Vienna’s Schmuck Tage & Vienna City Gallery Walk we aim to disregard the border between Art & Fashion jewellery, pushing forward simply with our appreciation of design in the form of jewellery and looking to give artists of both disciplines opportunities in the two alternative worlds.


Curated By. LACY BARRY


Lacy Barry is a paper artist, she makes sculptural paper artworks in vibrant tactile colors. She will be exhibiting a series of wall hung works that consist of two components; physical 3D paper sculpted wings & florals against a printed canvas mural that looks something like a colorful light explosion or kaleidoscope.

Each work has an individual color story that is portrayed in combinations of colors and tactile structures.


Concept Call-out 

"This curation is all about color and tactile structures portrayed in Jewellery & Art. In your submission you can use any single or combination of materials in your work so as long as it posses the aspects of Jewellery.

Pieces of adornment can be but do not have to solely consist of precious stones and metals, their composition can reach into further tactile materials such as acrylics, leather, velvets and so on.

The main attribute is that they are composed in vibrant color complimentary to the ‘Little Wing X Exploding Florals Series’ being exhibited."

Prizes Details: 

Selected Jewellers Receive

⁃ Opportunity to showcase and sell in our retail showroom and online platform 

-Feature in Event post on Klimt02

⁃ High resolution images of your work in our event photos.

⁃ Inclusion in exhibition Opening Reception event mid March with drinks and event photographer.

⁃ Promotion across our social network platforms.



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Jewellery Co-working Spaces with Retail Opportunities.





As an agency, we function as a support group for our designers offering services from retail sales, events management, press loaning, runway show and photoshoot production alongside our advice and consultancy for all aspects of running a label.
As a retail showroom we feature an in-house jewellery studio and designer run concept store, our ethos lies in the belief that there should be a more direct connection from design to production to consumer.
Spaces available now to join our jewellery studio as an in-house designer, potential for studio only to be part of our communally run retail store as well.

Price and Conditions:
250 €, net/month for the studio only.
300 €, net/month for a space in the collectively run store which requires you to work one day per week for the full profit of your sales.

The full space is 49ms and about half of that is the studio, shared between 5-6 designers. Studio designers have a key and full access to the studio, we have some communal tools and one inbuilt bench for short term jewellers but for a long term, the designer should supply there own bench and tools.


Contact & Links: 
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