Call for Art - Queering Democracy: Art, Identity, and Politics in 2024

Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) and ImageOut Art seek artist submissions for a juried exhibition opening in Rochester, NY in October 2024. Queer art has achieved greater prominence in recent years, yet the LGBTQIA+ community's struggle for freedom and equality persists. We hope this exhibition will serve as a reflection of our current moment, and as a poignant response to the alarming rise of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation sweeping the nation.

Intersectional 5.0

prideART Berlin e.V. is hosting our 5th annual pride-month exhibition Intersectional. Intersectionality in our context relates to giving a platform to LGBTQIA+ artists from all backgrounds an opportunity to show their work as part of a group exhibition. We seek artists who create visual art in all media types and from various social, economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Our only pre-requisite for inclusion in the exhibition is that the artists identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, the work does not necessarily need to have an LGBTQIA+ social commentary theme. 

Glitter in my wounds

The call is directed at artists that identify as queer and who work with any art medium (visual artists, filmmakers, writers, performers).

The Exhibition:

“Glitter in my wounds” takes its title from the homonym poem by queer author CAConrad. (Read it here)

The exhibition wants to be a celebration of queer artists and activists and to raise awareness of the discrimination and oppression that queer people still face in our society.

If interested, please get in touch before June 27th. 

Please include the following in your email:  1. Your name and pronouns 2. Social Media and/or website 3. Links to up to 3 works including price information 4. Artist bio

Selected artists will be notify by 30 June.

QUEER COLLECTIVE: The Art of Coming Out

Marginal Art Projects announces a juried call for entries for QUEER COLLECTIVE: The Art of Coming Out, an interdisciplinary online exhibition.

The exhibition will feature artwork created by artists within the LGBTQIA+ community depicting thoughts on their coming out stories. Artists are encouraged to submit up to 3 images/media in participation. EXHIBITION THEMES LGBTQIA+ coming out experience: challenges, conflicts, and triumphs. Some identify early in life, while others later – some have full acceptance, while others deal with abandonment – some cling to their identity with open arms, while others struggle with it. Whatever the experience – all are unique, genuine and worthy of sharing in order to shed light on the full brevity of our existence. Share your story with us.

My Voice, My Truth

My Voice, My Truth: Celebrating Queer Art & LGBTQ+ Artists
Sponsored by Positive Voice

Thursday, June 3 THROUGH Sunday, July 25

My Voice, My Truth features artwork focused on—and created by—members of the LGBTQ community. Over the years, queer art has a long and tangled history of censorship. This pride month, we hear the voices and truth of the LGBTQ+ artists in our community to commemorate the contributions that they have made.

Queer Identities Open Call

Themes of identity are highly celebrated amongst the exhibitions at IC Contemporary, and with our close connection to the queer community, ICC would like to showcase more artwork that speaks to queer experiences and identity.

Each year our gallery is going to host a queer exhibit and we want you to be a part of it! This current call is for the group or solo exhibition that explores Queer Identities.

In the past, our Queer Identities exhibit was a survey on the subliminal thought processes many members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience while living in a world that revolves around heteronormativity. It mainly focuses on queer experiences of minority stress and the repercussions of the innate pressure for them to follow feminine and masculine norms.


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