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Compass Live Art invites residency proposals from artists working in any medium whose practice is based in public engagement – artists who are interested in collaborating with the public to make work. Selected artists will be invited to Leeds in 2023 to develop ideas in a mixture of studio time and public-facing activity.

This may include meetings, events or pop-ups with individuals, groups and networks of particular relevance to the subject matter of your proposal. It might include public consultation, research or scratch exhibitions. The residency can be crafted to the needs of the project. 

Projects may be inspired by a global concern, local issue, particular theme, unique idea or artistic inquiry, or a particular place or community in Leeds. Proposals must hold the public at their heart and require interaction and engagement to “complete” or animate them.

These residencies will be run with a view to possible commissioning of new artistic projects for public presentation in Compass Festival 2024.

Prize Summary: 
£4-8k cash, bespoke support package.
Prizes Details: 

Compass Festival is able to provide budgets of £4-8k per residency to include all costs, artist fees, per diems, travel, accommodation, research and artistic materials.

Beyond the cash budget, Compass can provide a range of additional in kind support including Producer time, production management support, PR support, communications, engagement and marketing support, digital content creation, graphic design and documentation. This would be tailored as a bespoke package to be agreed with each invited artist. 




We opened our bodies in 2015, with a physical space in the neighborhood of Santa Eulàlia in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the dormitory city of Barcelona, ​​a working-class, decrepit industrial territory, an area of ​​real-estate-cultural-human speculation, a testing ground to fatten the usual chauvinists. We have rooted ourselves in L’Hospi during these five years (the same as a raised fist), unpretentious and humble but with a lot of courage and the desire to share and imagine that other cultural spaces are possible, as well as other worlds. We continue to think that they are, we have lived and embodied them together.

We have always stayed in the margins of the margins. We place ourselves and build our own margin in the Trench of Art and Creation, from Sharing, making Community and from the Ephemeral that prevails.

The space of in L’Hospitalet has been a temple, a place of learning and sharing in subversive love. We thank this space for its light, generosity and ability to generate energy and synergies.

In June 2020 we saw ourselves without this physical body, after a painful, violent and ultra-neoliberal capitalist process. Mr. owner of the premises has left us without alternatives or negotiations, in the midst of a global crisis.

Our steps continue because we have already traced our pathways. has risen up as a nomadic space of radical creation and pedagogy; it has risen as an ethereal body. We have mutated into other becomings. Without physicality we feel free, volatile and light and with you, full of tenderness to continue walking and traveling.

From nomadism we will continue to trace other cultures, art that becomes empowered by being Life and not market, art to share dreams, imaginaries and struggles, art to co-create community.

This nomadism has already taken flight. At this time we have the honor of collaborating with the organisation of  MAR DE ISLAS performance encounter of the Caribbean in Puerto Rico and of being part of ARTefACTe, a performance laboratory for a new cultural institutionality in Barcelona.

A strong subversive hug to the entire community that is and has been accompanying us throughout the process.

Eternal thanks to our expanded family of friends, neighbors, activists, artists, pedagogues, researchers, and beloved bodies.

Enrich FX, Can Trinxet Viu, Pía Sommer, Popa, Helen Ceballos, Carolina Torres Topaga, Aldo Cardoso, La Lokomotiva, Ateneu Can Teo, Joana Moher, Juliana Notari, Laura Corcuera, Paloma Orts, La Muga Caula, Denys Blacker, Graciela Contreras, Alvaro Muñozledo, Melina Peña, Marta Lodola, Paco Justicia, Teresa Ramirez, Joan Casellas, Alejandro Chellet, ARTefACTe, MAR DE ISLAS, Luis Macias, Carlos Pina, Mireia Zantop, Silvia Antolín, Lisa Stertz, Cristina Planas, Víctor Prados Pinto, Montserrat AA, Can Migra, Jordi Pitarch, Laura Leonesa, Begoña Grande, Lesley Yendell, Miguel Andrés, Lucho Hermosilla, PAH, Kubra Khademi, Núria Garcia, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Corpología, Sol Prado, Jordi Lafon, Biel Barnils, Marina Oroza, Montse Seró, Emma Regada, Jack Bernal, Susanna Pruna, Francesc Serra, Josep Masdevall, Juliette Murphy, Natàlia Espinet, Sabina Vilagut, Toni Crabb, Leo Kay, Alexandra Zierle, Paul Carter, Sergio Pelayo, Sergi Garcia, Prosper Riba, IRL, Ashbrg, Júlia Edo, Júlia Sánchez, Boliden, Marco Pachiega, Felipe Rojas, Cachopou, Iván Guau, Silvia Resorte, Cardevore, Cenk Sezer, Conde de Torrefiel, Illa, LXTXCX, Plom, Odd Labu, Lola Lustosa, La Tercera Mano, Jetlag DeLorean, Ohuil, Tsade Trigo, Lorenzo Papanti, Leonardo Martín Blanc, Laura Cabrera, Sira Cabrera, Algo Tóxico, Daniil Demidov, Marquesa do Sabre (a.k.a Sara de Oliveira), Elisabet Mabres, Ricardo Sarmiento Ramírez, Alberto Monreal, Mauricio Sanhueza, Ana Rita Canhão, María Florencia Ondona, Adel Pereira, Mariano de Laurentiis, Walter Brovia, Eva Wo, ociele hawkins, Rosary Solimanto, Jack Williams, Iris Hinojosa, Gerard Vilardaga, NoDOS(3), Dobra, Isabel Perez del Pulgar, José Crúzio, Hernando Urrutia, GUNKZA FILMS+ RRAYEN, Nilo Arias, Karolina Pielak, Esmeralda Pérez Tamiz, Ana Belén Jarrín, o_phe_lia 23, Caspar de Gelmini, Santiago Colombo Migliorero, Ester Xargay, Tania Cruz, MAx Provenzano, Daniela Lucato…

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