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Scream of the Butterfly




This exhibition, inspired by a lyric in the Doors song: “When the Music’s over” will take place on the first weekend of June 2022 at The Davies Gilder Gallery at New House in Guildford.

Scream of the Butterfly will showcase work from a group of artists who use their mediums to sublimate personal experience, or reflect that of others, exploring complex psychological states.

The exhibtion is being held by artist Lauren Thompson and sponsored by Kane FM, a local radio station working to transform the lives of young people struggling with learning differences and wellbeing challenges.

We are open to submissions from artists working in any medium who wish to have their work included in a show that will also raise awareness for mental health. The only requirement is that you can get your work to the location ready to exhibit and back again. 

Show Concept:

To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself. Amidst the pandemic individuals have retreated into their own cocoons, trapped within the constraints of their minds. This has been, for many, a time for introspection and transformation. Although the process can be painful, once the caterpillar has digested itself, it metamorphosizes, breaking out of the darkness and through to the other side as a butterfly: lighter, free and high flying. 

Symbolically, across cultures the butterfly has become “a symbol for rebirth and resurrection, for the triumph of the spirit and the soul over the physical prison.”

Please contact: for any additional questions

Looking forward to seeing all of your submissions! 



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Free submissions for the first month
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Open Call “3/21 - hysteria”

The history of hysteria is a history of the relation between the colonizing father and the colonized devalued other.”

Judith L. Alpert





Hysteria was considered a "female" illness until well into the 20th century and was treated with violent methods. Today, gender minorities who fight for their rights are described as "hysterical", while populations who rebel against dictatorships are oftentimes not only silenced on a daily basis but also brutally beaten down during protests. Victims and survivors of psychological and physical violence are met with a lack of awareness. Those, who speak up about their experiences face victim blaming, defamation and retraumatization. 

But what exactly is hysteria and how does it manifest? When is hysteria a needed call for action, when is it hyperbolical selfishness? And why is there a lack of support for those, who don't want to accept what is occuring to them? How is it possible that politicians world wide are still able to stir up fears? 


The above mentioned and many other questions will be discussed during the exhibition hysteria organized by Lisa Jureczko and Ava Weis. The exhibition will take place between March 12th and 14th, 2021, online - and if the current situation allows it - offline at our studio kollektiv drei in Wuppertal, Germany.

hysteria is meant to be a possibility to deconstruct the patriarchal structurs of the art scene. Especially marginalized groups are those, who are faced with the accusation of being "too hysterical" and whose voices are oftentimes overheard, ignored, appropriated or censored.


Therefore, this call for applications is aimed particularly at FLINTA and artists of color.


We look forward to your submissions by February 10, 2021.


Wurde Hysterie noch bis weit ins 20. Jahrhundert als psychische Frauen*krankheit gesehen und mit gewaltvollen Methoden behandelt, erlebt sie heute ein denkwürdiges Revival. Gender-Minorities, die weltweit um die ihnen zustehenden Rechte kämpfen, werden als hysterisch verschrien, immer mehr Bevölkerungen lehnen sich gegen diktatorische Staatsgewalt auf und werden dabei brutal niedergeschlagen. Betroffenen von psychischer und körperlicher Gewalt wird Unverständnis entgegengebracht und die Schuld für ihr Schicksal zugesprochen. Wer mit den eigenen Erfahrungen an die Öffentlichkeit tritt, wird nicht selten diffamiert und re-traumatisiert. 

Aber was genau ist Hysterie? Welche Formen kann sie annehmen? Wann ist hysterisches Verhalten ein benötigter Aufschrei, wann ist es übertriebener Egoismus? Warum mangelt es an Unterstützung für Menschen, die nicht stillschweigend hinnehmen wollen, was mit ihnen geschieht? Wie schaffen es Politiker*innen immer noch mit Polemik Ängste zu schüren?

Diese und weitere Fragestellungen behandelt die von Lisa Jureczko und Ava Weis konzipierte Ausstellung hysteria, die vom 12. bis 14. März im kollektiv drei in Wuppertal stattfindet. In den Räumlichkeiten sollen dafür weitere Arbeiten diverser Künstler*innen aller Sparten gezeigt werden, die "Hysterie" und den Umgang mit eben dieser thematisieren.

Mit hysteria möchten wir die patriarchalen Strukturen der Kunst- und Kulturbranche durchbrechen, denn es sind vor allem marginalisierte Personengruppen, die mit dem Vorwurf der Hysterie konfrontiert, und deren Stimmen weitestgehend übergangen, angeeignet oder zensiert werden.

Daher richtet sich diese Ausschreibung insbesondere an FLINTA und Künstler:innen of Color. 

Wir freuen uns über eure Einreichungen bis zum 10. Februar 2021.


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Call for submissions - Mental





Open Call for powerful visual stories on mental health, the contest aim to exploring the topic in photography through the lens of artists, showcases the reality of those who directly or indirectly confront the challenges of mental problem and to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Partner with ARTJOBS
Free for Entry
Submission at

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They wore flowers in their hair




This is for call content. But it’s not a call for just any kind of content. This is a call for specific content, from specific people. This is a call for content from the lonely, the misunderstood, the anxious, the hopeful, the misgendered, the marginalized, the radical-in-other’s-eyes-but-not-so-radical-in-your-own, the politicized, the relatively unscathed, the visionaries. 

This is a call for the unspoken memories, the thoughts that run rampant, the words that went unsaid, the spiral after spiral, the dirty, the clean, and the (absolutely) in between, the revolutionary, but then again, not so revolutionary after all. 

In the midst of crisis, we seek to inspire and bring beauty to the foreground.

We’re looking to explore what it means to be behind the binary, mentally and emotionally, through art. we are looking for inventive and creative takes on this theme, which inspires reflections on community, mental health, identity, and expression. The purpose of this zine is to not only build solidarity among non-binary persons and their shared experiences, but also to bring allies further into the fold of understanding.

What: a zine. a really great zine! we are pulling together a zine from all kinds of creators in Chicago to accompany an upcoming short film, By a Thread, centering around similar themes. We’re looking to build community in an interdisciplinary fashion. 

Who: Co-editors: Tuxford Turner and Imani Davis

Themes: loneliness, mental health, anxiety, (longing for) community, gender identity exploration, “in between”-ness, 

Media: absolutely anything that can be printed on a page, including but not limited to:




Drawings & Sketches


Short Stories

Photos of fashion, ceramics, paintings, etc.

Creator Requirements: be currently living in the Chicagoland area, and be a dope ass human being. ***we ESPECIALLY encourage people who identify outside of the gender binary to apply.

Content Requirements: we are going for a certain aesthetic for the overall piece so keep that in mind for more visually stimulating content such as photography, paintings, etc. Entries of any kind should not exceed 2 pages double spaced. The submission deadline is May 13, 2020. Limit five submissions per person.

Prize summary: 
Featured Cover Artist - $50 prize
Prizes Details: 

Free entry! There is a $50 prize for our featured cover artist which will be the first page of the zine. 


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“Shifting Perspectives on Trauma” Art Exhibition




The Perception Project is a Los Angeles based art-for-healing non-profit organization devoted to providing survivors of trauma (muses) with services that take on creative forms as expressive outlets and serve the local community. Between an artist/survivor collaboration, the muse provides a personal story, and the artist creates a masterpiece showcasing the muse's strength and inner beauty. These works are showcased through public art exhibitions designed to promote mental-health awareness, then gifted to the muses as a symbol of their strength. 



About the Project:

The volunteer artist will

a) Receive a written or audio story based upon the experiences of a trauma survivor (muse)


b) Meet a trauma survivor (muse) in person or via Skype, to listen to the muse’s experiences with the presence of a therapist or mental health professional

and use it as inspiration to create an artwork meant to empower and inject positivity to the muse. Artwork is donated to the muse after the end of the exhibition. Acceptable mediums are canvas, wood panels, paper, digital prints, mixed media, 2D visual art, small-sized sculpture/3D art, and photography. A gift card or an art supplies goodie bag will be allocated to each artist (or artist team) to cover partial cost of materials. Artist travel fees are not covered.

Art Goals:

Works of art are created then gifted to the muses (survivors) as a symbol of their internal strength to continue thriving in life. The Perception Project devotes its creative platform towards promoting mental health awareness, maximizing community partnerships, local community involvement, providing meaningful work experience, and above all encouraging a shift towards positive perspective.


The art exhibition will be held at a private gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The event will be open to the public.



All artists who are passionate about making a positive difference in the community are encouraged to apply. Application eligibility is not restricted to geographic location. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, artists must be 18 years of age or older. Artists will be responsible for all shipping costs. All entries must represent original works.



Application Opens: March 2, 2020

Application Deadline: May 31, 2020

Notice of Applicant Status: June 2020

Artist & Muse Pairing: June 2020

Artwork Creation Period: June-October 2020

Artwork & Artist Statement Due: November 1, 2020

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: late November 2020


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Conscious | Art Call





Murze is looking for artists creating artwork exploring our consciousness; the mind - mental health, and mental health activism or artwork created by artists living with mental health issues.


Murze Issue Eleven will be looking at artists responses and experiences with mental health and wellbeing - we are looking for artists and creatives to help start a conversation on our personal experiences with mental health, and the wider societal issues associated.


This artist's call is open to painting, collage, drawing, sculpture and creative writing. To enter please send in a portfolio of up to six images and tell us a little about your experience with mental health, or your reasoning for tackling it in your artwork.


Images submitted must be at least 300 DPI


Submission is Free


Deadlines for entry is the 10th March 2020


There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.


The portfolios submitted will be reviewed by the Murze team, relevant art and artists will be contacted regarding Issue Eleven. Issue Eleven will be released in early April, looking at Emotions, Mental health and Wellbeing.


Prizes Details: 

The portfolios submitted will be reviewed by the Murze team, relevant art and artists will be contacted regarding Issue Eleven. Issue Eleven will be released in early April, looking at Emotions, Mental health and Wellbeing.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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