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The Witching Hour Volume II: A Quaranzine





Last October, we celebrated some of the most bewitching artists and enchanting works at our first annual The Witching Hour exhibition. I’d love nothing more than to revive such a wicked soirée. However, it is imperative that we prioritize our health and safety while COVID continues to leave heartbreak and devastation in its wake.

Providing artists any opportunity to feature their work is vital. It is vital when many of us feel our art practice serves no substantial purpose. It is vital when we feel the knowledge we have should be that of saving lives rather than shading and color theory. It is vital when our voices feel lost. We need these gentle reminders of the power we have. We give voices to the voiceless. We see, and do, and share what those who cease to be no longer can.

And so, to continue celebrating those who give the silenced a voice, we are proud to present THE WITCHING HOUR VOLUME II: A QUARANZINE.

Zines have long been a vehicle for communicating the unusual//unconventional//unorthodox ideas held by counter-culture dwellers. Their DIY nature and small-scale appearance felt like the perfect form for this exhibition to acclimate. We are seeking artists and artworks that embrace the otherness of the non-hetero//non-cis//non-white//non-male that society has oppressed, cast aside and deemed nefarious.

If you feel like you fit in with the outcasts, we highly encourage you to apply! Each applicant will receive a free copy of the finished zine regardless of whether or not they were accepted. We can’t wait for the chance to see your work!


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$15.00 sent via Venmo to @katie_delaneyy or
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