Street + Night + Architecture

A juried group photo show on street + night + architecture at Black Box Gallery.

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"Noir" - Artist Book by SU4IP

Hi All!

My name is Lyndon Watkinson. I am an artist who runs art publication opportunities under the SU4IP♲ alias. I would like to share with you my newest opportunity: "Noir" - Artist Book by SU4IP, which is now OPEN for submissions! Welcoming all works responding to or related to feelings or experiences of darkness, melancholy, night, mystery, black, sinister, etc.

My last open call: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP featured the work of 35 artists from all around the globe. I invite you to push these boundaries of what Noir means, and how it can be portrayed in art practice! This opportunity can be accessed via CuratorSpace.

2023 National Juried Exhibition

Open to U.S. resident artists 18 yrs, or older (Exception: Artists currently represented by First Street Gallery) .  Eligible Works: ORIGINAL  oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, prints, photography, mixed media, assemblage and sculpture in any medium.

Into the Night


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. February 2024


The collection of photographs displayed will exhibit ambiences and experiences lived during nighttime. We are immersed into the night where the deepest self manifests itself in a relationship with darkness and silence. Empty contexts where time leaves space for contemplation of places where the diurnal rhythm is marked by the productive and consumerist frenzy of human beings. The night is also told by those who offer evidence of social contexts - places, people and events - linked to nightlife and the fascination it evokes.


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Nocturne Juried Exhibition

Dark versus light. Good versus evil. Belonging versus loneliness. Sun versus moon. The world becomes a different place when night falls. What does "nocturne" mean to you? Whether a literal or metaphorical representation, submit your two-dimensional work that explores your interpretation of the darkness.

After Hours

Midnight ravers, all-nighters, night owls, nighthawks, "last call"...or is this just the beginning?  Vestige Concept Gallery wants to know what happens long after the sun goes down.   After Hours seeks to showcase works of art that feature nightlife and/or, life, at night.  Works could be about bars and nightclubs, speakeasys, smoky lounges, filled with music: jazz, blues, soul, rock, hip-hop... to late night diners, the El-train, taxis, drag, drag racing, street life, gangsters, graffiti, hookups, drinking, sex, nudes, partying, and drugs.  Have a nightcap and catch the red-eye.  (But remember, keep it classy!)  

We accept works from emerging, mid-career, and/or professional artists. Work should somehow relate to the theme of the show.


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