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We wish to activate our platform Hybrida by inviting you to an art residency that consists of two consecutive phases: one taking place digitally, the other one on location. Rendering the creative process and its stages within this hybrid format, we aim to explore diverse ways of ‘reading & writing’ art content and the topologies that this approach can generate.

The residency is funded and takes place for 4 weeks online and 2 weeks on location in Älvsbacka in the west of Sweden.

Apply until June 13.


Accommodation includes food (breakfast, lunch & dinner), room with bedlinen, shared bathroom, common areas, equipped shared kitchen, designated work areas.

Note that the housing is basic (furniture, equipment etc).

There will be a basic variation of electrical and manual hand held tools available on site

Special requirements handled on request

Travel expenses covered up to 2500 sek (about €250)

Production budget of 2000 sek (about €200)

Participation includes remuneration of 3000 sek (about €300) upon the completion of the residency

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