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restART the planet - virtual exhibition




Hello from SKT: we wanted to tell you about our upcoming virtual exhibition named "restART the planet" and how you can be part of it. We set up a new exciting project with the aim of creating a scattered gallery without borders. The SKTeam is promoting emerging contemporary artists and helping them to showcase and sell their artworks. Currently, due to the second lockdown in the UK, we are launching our 5th virtual exhibition that will run from Nov 27, 2020 to January 5, 2021.

The theme of the exhibition was inspired by the newly born partnership between SKT and WhereFrom, a young startup with great ideas who connects sustainably-minded brands with sustainably-minded consumers. With their help and creativeness, we will be able to do so much more than promote artists, because we will also plant trees. WhereFrom and TreeSisters combine four of today's big ticket issues: gender, climate, behaviour change, and ecological restoration through large-scale tropical reforestation. We are unique in our grass roots, ethical and holistic approach, our call to include and involve everyone, and our focus on a wider cultural shift that embeds restoration into everything. Partnering with us aligns you with that mission.

The deadline to submit artworks is Friday 20 November, 2020.

Exhibition fees (no entry or submission fee):

£50 for 1 piece;

£100 for 2 pieces;

£130 for 3 pieces;

Your fee includes 1 written interview, 1 article and 1 tree planted with TreeSisters in collaboration with our partner WhereFrom.

SKT will take 20% commission on sales. Whenever we close a sale, we will give you back the fee you initially invested with us.


If you have any questions, please let us know.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Have a great week and stay safe!


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£50 for 1 piece; £100 for 2 pieces; £130 for 3 pieces;
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Online Art Café; Artist Opportunities and Online Galleries




Online Art Café; Artist Opportunities and Online Art Galleries

FREE to all UK and International Artists, we would like to invite you to our October get together with Henrik Riis; Director of leading Gallery, Eyestorm. The focus of conversation will be Henrik navigating us through the world of Online Art Galleries with his top tips. 

During this Art Café we will be also be announcing a new exciting opportunity for our members; The VAA International Art Exhibition 2021. Further to this James Hargreaves, of Hargreaves & Woods Accountancy will be answering our members questions on their business and accountancy.

Find out more about The VAA:

Thursday 29th October @ 11am via Zoom

Registration closes October 29th at 10:30am

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17th November 2020 - 21st November 2020

Digitally connecting artists from across the world

Calling all Artists! Theatre-Makers. Dancers. Filmmakers. Writers. Visual Artists. Musicians. Designers. Story-Tellers...

ArtHouse Jersey is seeking established and emerging artists from all backgrounds and practices to apply for an inspiring 5 days of creative workshops facilitated remotely by Sue Hill (Wildworks, Eden Project). This new virtual retreat will support artists to re-engage with their practice and explore new approaches to making work, particularly in light of the challenges associated with the pandemic.


Over the last few months our lives have been impacted in immeasurable ways. This is an opportunity to come together in a safe environment and use the tools and platforms that are currently available to us to collaborate with artists without the pressure of a deadline or expectation of a fully finished outcome. Artists will be taken through a programme of fast paced exercises and activities designed to motivate, engage and reawaken your creative muscles. 


This is a virtual creative retreat and so participants will need to have access to the internet and a safe working environment. Artists will be required to commit approximately 5 hours a day to the retreat although not all of this will be contact time with the facilitation team. The retreat will utilise digital platforms such as Zoom to scaffold communication but there will be lots of time dedicated to practically making work, exploring your local environment and getting your hands dirty.


We welcome artists of all disciplines and backgrounds. You must be over the age of 18 and professionally committed to your craft. We particularly welcome applications from artists who regularly present work to an audience either through performance, exhibition, showcase or targeted community outreach. We ask for artists to be open minded and have a generous attitude towards working with others.


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Virtual Residency – Together, separately






The virtual residency is a gathering of artists who work in sync, support one another and use a change in pace to think differently about their creative practice.

Now recruiting artists for the following dates:

  • 24-29 January 2021 (Deadline for applications 27 December 2020)
  • 31 January - 5 February 2021 (Deadline for applications 3 January 2021)
  • 14-19 March 2021 (Deadline for applications 7 February 2021)
  • 21- 26 March 2021 (Deadline for applications 14 February 2021)

The residency is mixed discipline. The program welcomes, but is not limited to: visual artists, conceptual artists, video artists, writers, poets, multidisciplinary artists, performance artists, installation artists, photographers

The content of discussions during the residency will be determined by the work undertaken by participants. Some participants might plan to produce deeply conceptual work. For others the process will be more practical. Others will work on a mixture of both. 

The residency is a week-long, intensive undertaking that lasts for six days, beginning Sunday on Friday. Each cohort is a maximum of six participants. We recognise that it is not possible to carry out an in-person program using virtual tools. This program has been made to make the most of the tools we have rather than try to recreate an in-person residency using video. 


The timetable takes place between 10am and 7pm local to Barcelona (CET). Use the Timezone Converter to see times in your location. 
Welcome and introduction (1h on Sunday)
The six participants will introduce themselves, say where they are from, a little about their creative background and state their intention for the week, as well as how they intend to begin that day. Facilitator shares information about the program and the organisation
Plan and Progress (30mins to 1h daily)
Report on progress from the previous day and state a plan for the current day.
Presentations (45mins to 1h daily)
Participants will each give a ten-minute presentation followed by Q&A 
Debriefing (30mins on Friday)
Participants will be asked to share their thoughts surrounding the outcomes of the residency and future plans. 

Participation Requirements

/  Prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation of their work to fellow residents.
/  Commit to attending all meetings.
/  Allocate the majority of the working day outside the meetings to creative practice. 
/  Actively take part in discussion of others work, seek ways to contribute ideas and offer support to fellow residents.
/  Be willing to listen to the ideas and support from fellow residents regarding their own work.
/  Contribute one ‘daily newsletter’ of inspirational content (text or visual) to be sent to residents (a template will be provided).
/ Abide by our community guidelines.
/ Be familiar with and able to use the platforms Zoom and Telegram. Attention to video calling set up is essential.

A virtual program allows those who cannot travel to take part. However, the residency is also a commitment, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless at least four-to-five hours per day can be set aside to attend meetings and move creative work forward. 

Admission criteria

Active creative practice
Experience of taking part in online groups and calls
Clear desired outcomes for the residency
Ability to take part fully without the interruption of other commitments
Familiar with the language used to discuss the art-making process

Enthusiastic about taking part in a virtual environment


Residency fees are by donation. All donations are considered income and we pay tax on them. The reason we ask for donations, rather than charging fees, is because it means that we can attract a more diverse group of artists.

If every participant were to pay €75 we would cover our running costs. But we realise that this will not be possible for every artist and we encourage them to apply regardless.

Those living in countries with lower per-capita GDP, those who are unemployed or those affected by low-incomes should feel comfortable giving less. If the people that can afford to give more choose to do so they will help us continue this model of inclusion into the future. We continue to work towards a funded model, but have so far struggled to find a resource that will fund a completely global project. If you know of one, please let us know!


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Applications Open | Stream your Art with WindowSight and Earn per Views



Artist Applications:

Applications are open for Artists on WindowSight (which are completely free).

WindowSight is exclusive to active professional visual artists (photographers, illustrators, painters, video and digital artists, Motion Graphic Artists…).

We aim to provide an alternative income that can ease and increase the artists’ recognition as professionals and overall, enhance quality in the arts.

In order to apply we will require links to your work, our team will validate that you are active as an artist and that you have a demonstrable professional career.

Before applying, make sure your art’s resolution is suitable for high quality TV display (8MP for image / 1080×1080 for video) and that you have at least 30 artworks to share on WindowSight.

Bear in mind that if your artwork is not naturally digital, it must be digitized in appropriate conditions to ensure a good experience when displayed.

Artists whose application are accepted will be sent an agreement with the terms to sign. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. No exclusivity is required.

While we assess you application, make sure you try two weeks of WindowSight Premium for free to see what your art would look like!


About WindowSight:

WindowSight is a new platform that connects professional artists worldwide with art lovers in a high quality digital experience: Artists publish their work in high definition and users worldwide can enjoy it on their TVs. Artists get paid directly through the subscription fees of the users that have watched them, on a monthly basis.

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Join a New Revenue System

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BOND 2020 International Virtual Live Performance Festival





What do you miss the most from the pre-COVID times? For many international artists whose regions have been influenced by the pandemic, the estrangement between people feels deepened than ever since the in-person performances and gigs are being canceled and postponed. You may feel stuck at the current stage with no place to showcase your works and you may desire the quality communications with artists who are sharing your emotions. Therefore, the B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival is born. It aims to bring works from creators like you to broader audiences from all around the world; It also enables audiences to enjoy these performances while staying at home.


The literal meaning of “BOND” is a connection based on common interest, and creating social or emotional ties. Via this performance festival, we encourage you to reconceptualize the meanings of dimensions and virtuality, as well as rethink the essence of arts via online technologies. All disciplines of artworks are welcomed - whether they belong to traditional theatre art genres like play, opera, musical, improvisational theatre, physical theatre, dance theatre, puppetry, or it experiments with live cinema, performance art, and interactive installation art. With the social-distancing now being our new norm of life, we want to provide access and inspiration for crossing the boundaries of creating and viewing arts. We will also hold different events, including panel talks, round-table talks, and workshops throughout the festival.

Prizes Details: 

1. Some selected works will be provided with opportunities to perform in New York in the future. 2. Selected works will be reviewed by art critics and dramatic media in China and the US. 3. Selected works will be promoted by B·O·N·D official websites and collaborative media. 4. All teams in the festival will receive an official certificate awarded by B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival Committee.


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