Online Exhibition Open Call

Last Days to Apply! Flowers - International Online Exhibition

We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and delicate world of "Flowers." This open call beckons you to explore the diverse expressions of floral beauty, from the subtle intricacies of petals to the bold allure of blossoms in full bloom. Let your creativity bloom as you capture the essence of nature's exquisite bouquet through your unique artistic lens. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the kaleidoscope of interpretations that will unfurl in this celebration of floral artistry. Submit your masterpieces and join us in cultivating a garden of creativity and inspiration.

ARTIST OPEN CALL - «COLORS» International Online Exhibition

Calling all Artists, Designers, and Color Enthusiasts,

We are delighted to announce an open call for submissions that celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors that shape our world. Whether you work in traditional mediums, digital art, photography, or any other form of visual expression, we invite you to explore and showcase the power and beauty of colors in your creative work.

Illuminating the Beauty of Science

Theme: Illuminating the beauty of science. Science and art have always been closely tied, as the purpose of both is to understand the world around us and create within it. With advancements in both research and technologies happening at an increasingly rapid pace, how does this change the approach to making art through a scientific lens?

We are looking for works that highlight the intersections between science, technology and art. This could be through the use of alternative materials or new technologies, works that examine the science behind creativity, or even artworks that offer solutions to the most pressing scientific issues of our time.

Event Commands & Broken Fixtures

Event commands are foundational in video games to create a cause/effect relationship whether as a directly noticeable or hidden trigger. These triggers are often time/action/content/inventory/situation dependent. We experience event commands every day in some form or another, whether it be through engaging in social/cultural/political exchanges, participating in economics, or by resisting/abiding to restrictions/conditions. This exhibition aims to reflect on the experiences both online and IRL that effectively loop us into our own objectual/habitual/personal fixtures through "event commands" and how we consciously acknowledge or dislodge these fixtures. 


Hidden Eyes Open Call for Art

Humans are curious – and looking into each other's lives is a source of creativity. Though we may not be aware of it, we are all voyeurs. We obtain gratification from observing others. There is excitement in looking into other people’s lives, peeking into their worlds, guessing their stories and thoughts. Through a window, behind a bush, from a bench in the park, or a table at a cafe: other people’s scenes are a pretty amazing show. We're always looking to the Other because we're storied beings – because we make sense of our lives in relation to others.  

What art emerges when you look at other people's reality? 
How does peeking at others ignite your creative process?
What emotions steer your art in the act of contemplating others?

International Online Exhibition

The theme for the 2nd international virtual exhibition is SILENCE, a complete absence of sound. 
Take the theme and play with it!

We are looking for artists, working in different media, such as painting, drawing, textile, illustration, mixed media, photography, digital art. 
The work of each artist will be exhibited in an online exhibition.

Deadline: September 30, 2021
Exhibition opening date: October 10, 2021

Requirements for the submission:
up to 7 photos (min. 300 dpi, JPEG/TIFF format),
details of the work (title, medium, size, year),
Brief biography (max 100 words each)
Works statement (max 50 words each)
Website and social media links.
Paypal payment receipt/screenshot.


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