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YET TO .COM(E) Virtual Creation Residency





Calling for artists based in Argentina, Iran, USA, France, Switzerland, and Germany. This call is open to all artists with various disciplines that wish to engage in a virtual creation residency.

• YET TO .COM(E) invites six interdisciplinary artists to collaborate in artistic dialogue and practice with another. The program establishes three distinctive virtual residency incubators where two artists can live, brainstorm, and dream about a shared futurethrough their unique artistic lenses. 

In the current pandemic, we are left with the tension of global and local concerns. The present feels dystopian. The future is unknown. Therefore, we believe sharing a virtual creation space is needed to break this individual isolation. Despite all the challenges we face today, YET TO .COM(E) seeks to break down the artistic limits by a playful and experimental engagement in the digital sphere. 

• YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by these international partners:
Espace Croisé (FR)
Plataforma Lodo (ARG)
Work It Out Platform (CH/DE)
Re-connect Festival (Internet)

Application fee: Free
Each artist is offered a fee of: €700
Application deadline: December 5



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