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ABSTRACT IN NATURE by Andrew Hockenberry (
August, September, October 2021

Session 1: August 6-14
Session 2: August 20-28
Session 3: September 17-25
Session 4: October 1-9

Course Description:
In this 8 days hands-on course, we will discuss and participate in creating abstract art and sculpture specifically outdoors, influenced by nature. Creating an outdoor artist studio we will be surrounded by nature to see how that influences the abstract form. Bringing together artists from all around the world we have the opportunity to explore and learn from each other’s art studio practices and education and life experiences. We will eat in the season the Italian way, drink their wine and enjoy the company of the artists most lucky to be involved. Each day will be planned withloose guidelines to ensure time is used wisely but each artist will have the freedom to explore and create.

Upon request, artists can also benefit of private indoor studio spaces at RUC.

Tuition fee: €1,500 (housing fee included)


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