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Performing Gender, Perrfomring Selves

We are thrilled to announce an open call for artists to participate in a groundbreaking art exhibition that delves into the captivating theory of genders by the influential philosopher Judith Butler. This exhibition aims to provide a platform for artists to explore and interpret Butler’s profound ideas on gender, encouraging dialogue, introspection and creative expression.

Guided by Butler’s revolutionary concepts, this exhibition seeks to challenge societal norms, deconstruct binary constructs, and celebrate the diverse spectrum of gender identities. We invite artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit their works, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, video art, performance art, and mixed media.

Call for Artists: Art Review+International Artist Catalogue

Calling artists all around the world to be a part of our art review and catalogue program.

Firstly, the idea is to help artists by creating an art review (in a video form) that can provide insights into one's method and creative perspective. The idea is to help creative professionals rebrand themselves in front of buyers, gallerists and their respective audiences. It's almost like a marketing video that is intended to help with improving online engagement for growth and potentially art sales. After the review video is complete, it will be published in our instagram+linkedin+youtube platform and sent to the artists for their own use. It also means that the artists will own the digital asset. 

MyMA Artist Grant May Edition | $500 award with Free application


MyMA Artist Grant is a monthly juried grant that provides an unrestricted $500 award to one artist each month. In addition to the winner, our jurors recognize 5 artists as honorable mentions for each edition. We publish a written or video profile of the selected artists on MyMA's website and social channels. Submissions for the May edition of the MyMA Artist Grant are open now through May 30th. To ensure accessibility and inclusivity, applications are free.

Open call: exhibition in Zia Maria

Pizza Zia Maria is pleased to announce an open call to all artists and creatives IN AND AROUND Berlin.


Always close to emerging art, Pizza Zia Maria offers its space to exhibitions, installations and environmental interventions that accompany the tasting of pizza with a visual experience.


This open call invites visual artists to submit site-specific projects that want to make their work known to a varied public, which frequents the place in large numbers.


The room to be set up is approximately 24 square meters and assembly should be completed in 2-3 days.


The exhibition will take place in the second half of February and will last 2 or 3 months.


"Shadows" Art Exhibition Open Call for Berlin-based artists

Shadows” Open Call for the for Berlin-based artists

“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.” - George R.R. Martin 

Plato´s allegory “the cave” depicts a group of individuals who have spent their whole life imprisoned against a black wall, chained on the cave´s wall. They named the shadows they see on the wall cast by objects moving in front of a fire behind them. For the inmates, the shadows depict the outside world, although these images are not to scale.

Objects in the shade reflect the incomplete fragment of reality, a delusion of reality that our selves perceive, while those in the light represent the object’s actual shapes, which can be perceived only through logic and understanding.

OPEN CALL Residency Programme 2023/24

Tangent Projects studios  

We are now accepting applications for our studio residency programme for 2023/24.

Residencies are for 3 months and the placements will be between:

September - December 2023/January - April 2024/April - July 2024. Please let us know your preferred dates in your motivation text.

Deadline - February 19th 2023


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