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Open Call open until February 28th for the ninth edition of OPENART.

Open Call is the application form where professional artists from all over the world can apply to participate in the exhibition in 2024. It will be open until February 28th.

OpenArt is an exhibition that takes place in the city center of Örebro every second summer. Contemporary artworks are displayed outdoors and available for public interaction day and night during the exhibition period. For each edition the festival presents a large number of artists working in a wide variety of art mediums and techniques. The majority of the artworks are sculpture and installations but we welcome artists working in all disciplines, interested in the intersection between art and the public.

Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls is a celebration of art in public spaces. Organized by the Cornelius PARC Department and the Cornelius Public Art Committee, the selected works will be installed in a park setting or in the downtown arts district and will be on exhibit from May 2020 through January 2021. 


Outdoor Exhibit Promotional Exhibit

Promote your art during art fairs through our promotional exhibit option.  No need to ship works.  Your work, name and Instagram displayed uninterruptedly up to 10 hours per day during the other art fair in Brooklyn, NYC, April 30 - May 3, 2020.

Displaying your work and details before the eyes of Art Colllectors, Art Experts and Art Lovers attending the art fairs in NYC.

Fees apply, but they won't break you!  And the exposure before the right audience is key and amazing.

No commissions owed should the exhibit generate sales for participating artists.  We don't participate of the sales, we only promote YOUR WORK BEFORE THE EYES OF GALLERISTS & ART COLLECTORS VISITING THE FAIR.

Outdoor Exhibit Banner In NYC

YOUR ART SEEN BY THE PUBLIC IN NYC.  Our Call for Art is ongoing.  Apply to our Outdoor Exhibit Banners.  This is a group exhibit that will take place during the week of the exhibit.  Banners will be displayed at the entry of the gallery and in Times Square.  We will promote in other areas of NYC prior to the exhibit.  An image of YOUR art with YOUR NAME & CONTACT DETAILS will be made VISIBLE to the PUBLIC.  Fee to apply is nonrefundable.  An additional fee applies to exhibit at the Outdoor Exhibit Banners.  Please check website for more info and state that you are applying for this option in the subject line.  This exhibit option is more affordable and doesn’t require shipping of ANY works.  At The Art Fair takes NO COMMISSION of sales generated by this Outdoor Banner Exhibit Optio

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