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Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome. June 2024


From the classical to the contemporary period and all throughout the history of art, mythology has inspired artists in their representation of universal ethical and moral values. Such values have accompanied the development of civilizations since ancient times.

Framed: Trees and Water

A juried group photo show on trees and water at Black Box Gallery.

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Photography is all about light – its presence as well as its absence. There is an iconic photograph of Grand Central Station with streams of sunlight filling the airspace as it reflects off dust particles in the air. For photographers the time of day an image is captured can be as important as the selection of the subject itself.  What may be nothing more than a snapshot at one time of day, becomes an impactful image at another.  Strategically placed lighting is critical in creating great portraits and late afternoon is a world of shadow and light that warms everything it touches. 


Exposition Collage - Ligne 21

Openbach Vincennes opens the doors of its new exhibition space: LIGNE 21.

For the occasion, we're organizing a group show on the theme of collage, with two works per artist (one 30x40 cm), one of them collaborative! We encourage experimentation, and the use of different collage techniques (digital, mixed media).

For more info, and if you'd like to take part in this artistic experiment, please feel free to apply via the OPEN CALL LIGNE 21 link in bio on @openbach_galerie intagram account.


Photo Shoot: 2023

A juried group photo show with an open theme at Black Box Gallery.

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Gallery Ring "COLOUR" Online Juried Art Exhibition

Gallery Ring announces an online contest and exhibition which celebrates colour.  Intense, bold and vibrant colour must be the undeniable driving force behind the composition.  Colour should serve as the meaning or heart of the work and can be employed in an unconventional way.  Multi-coloured or monochromatic work is acceptable.  The deadline to submit work is Tuesday, August 29th 2023.  The fee is $20 US for 1-3 artworks.


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