Orkney Group Residency WRITING INTO PLACE

23 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2023
Application deadline: THURSDAY 14 AUGUST 2023
Maximum number of participants: 8

WRITING INTO PLACE will enable creative practitioners to develop approaches to ‘writing’ that are experimental, inventive in form, and that respond to place, in Orkney's specific environment.

The fully catered Group Residency has been devised by The Museum of Loss and Renewal with invited partner Emily Orley (artist, researcher and educator around the relationships of ‘Air, Sea and Soil’, encompassing the Orkney Islands’ remarkable natural environment.

Expert introductions to the subject matter and to Orkney’s land, culture, and contemporary issues e.g. ecology and renewable energy will be provided by the facilitators and guest contributors.

New Buddy Bench for the Madrona K-8 Playground


Madrona K-8 is an Edmonds School District choice school.  It is different from the neighborhood schools because of the multiage classroom setup. Multiage learning encourages leadership and team learning.  Madrona Integrated Team (MIT) is our version of PTA.  Everyone is a member: Staff, parents, and students.  We collaborate to support our students to give them the best learning environment possible.

Madrona Mission

  • Awakening Minds

  • Nourishing Hearts

  • Cultivating Community

Roots: Transplanted

An artist's artistic, geographic, and cultural roots play significant roles in their artistic process and statement. This year's tagline aims to include work the grew from current events and how they affected the process of making for the artist.  The exhibit will highlight original fine art inspired by an artist's perspective of their "roots" and artistic journey. Interpretations of the theme may be broad and entries are not limited to representational works. All submissions are chosen through a blind jury.  

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