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That's right! You heard right! Submit your cover design and maybe (just maybe) it'll end up as the official magazine cover for Eezy Sleez' new publication INSERT COMMERCIALLY INOFFENSIVE MAGAZINE TITLE HERE... pretty neat huh...

So here's the deal...
This is a totally free competition which is to say it will cost absolutely nothing to enter.
You can create whatever you want regardless of theme (however, preference will be made towards artworks that relate to the overall themes of "Social Commentary", "Depravity" and/or "Milk".

All artworks must be submitted in high-quality JPEG and PNG formats.
Artworks are preferred to be 1:1.414 ratio, however, all sizes and shapes are considered. 

Unfortunately, only one artist can win... BUT DON'T CRY! All artworks have the potential to be featured somewhere in the magazine, on our website, or on our social media. Some artworks may be considered for promotional usage (posters, postcards, etc). This will only be done with your consent and approval. Additionally, all artists will be credited appropriately.  


By submitting to our competition, you agree to the following:
1. You declare that your work is 100% owned by you and does not infringe on copyright.
2. Eezy Sleez will not be held responsible for any damages caused by publishing your work.
3. Eezy Sleez reserves the right to reject any submission without explanation.
4. You allow Eezy Sleez to publish your work without restriction.
5. You allow Eezy Sleez to publish your work without financial/monetary reimbursement or pay.
6. You allow your work to be published alongside potentially offensive content.

Prizes Details: 

Winner will have their work published on the front cover of Eezy Sleez' upcoming magazine publication

Entry Fee:

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They Reap, While We Sew

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A Commune-Knit-y participation project where crafters and artists of all backgrounds are invited to participate in a mass Sew-in, from June 9-November elections, to help heal our democracy, by creating small works that can be exhibitredd on-line, in reality, published, etc. The idea is to reflect upon the Troicateuse, or French workers who knitted at the base of the guillotine while heads were chopped off in the regime change that was the French revolution. We will knit, crochet, embroider, applique, etc. as the January 6 Insuurectionist hearings are televised and broadcast. "They Reap, While We Sew" is a means to encourage participation in the democratic process, by voting in November. It celebrates free speech and civil exchanges through art. 

Prize Summary: 
publication on line and perhpas as a hard copy.
Prizes Details: 

Publication on-line


Entry Fee:

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