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URBAN JUNGLE: Art Residency and Exhibition





URBAN JUNGLE: Urban Art Project & Pop Cultures (Lecce, Italy 2021 November - December)


Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to announce the new contemporary art project titled: “URBAN UNGLE" curated by Dores Sacquegna. The jungle as a mirror and alter ego of the city. A relationship made up of contrasts and strong similarities, which leads to various interpretations of style between urban life and cultural identities. All cities have a voice: beauty, architecture, history, art and other urban curiosities. The project aims to create a collaborative storytelling experiment between local inhabitants and foreign artists residents, to build a hypothetical map of the city, through storytelling, photographic explorations to drawn and shared ideas. An urban safari centered in the old city and in the suburb, in order to obtain important food for thought and materials which will be exhibited in the final exhibition.

The project is divided into three different sessions of which:

  1. URBAN SAFARI - Art Residency from 26th November to 5th December - stay of n. 9 nights in the old city of Lecce;
  2. STORYTELLING EXPLORATION -  Art Exhibition from 4 to 17 December  - experimental project with sharing on major platforms such as Google Arts and Cultures;
  3. URBAN TALES - Art exhibition from 4 to 17 December - 14 days on display at the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce

Eligibility and works

We accept individual artists or groups who work with all artistic disciplines and in particular: photography, drawing, video art, urban art, pop cultures, illustrations and more.

Housing: All residents will be guaranteed accommodation complete with kitchenette, and all supplies including TV screen, coffee or tea machine, air conditioner, sheets, towels, Wi-Fi free and more. Apartments/Villas has double bed for single use (queen room) or single bed with private or shared bathroom.

Exhibition: In the URBAN TALES exhibition, both resident artists (who will have to work on a site-specific project designed for the city of Lecce) and artists who decide not to participate in the art residency and who intend to send their works can take part.Catalog ad press kit included.

The Art Curator

Dores Sacquegna is a curator and art director of contemporary art. Since 1994 to date, she has worked and reviewed works by recognized artists such as Christo and Jeanne Claude, Louise Bourgeois, Hermann Nitsch, Matthew Barney among others. She has curated exhibitions in Italy and abroad, collaborating with art galleries, museums, foundation, corporates and collectors.

Lecce an Opein-Air Museum

The city of Lecce is a crossroads of cultures and sedimentations from prehistoric times to today, has seen its splendor in its wonderful Roman, Messapian, Medieval, Renaissance, Liberty, Arab, Spanish and Jewish’s architecture present in the city and small villages around it.  An open-air museum among the most fascinating in Italy, the pearl of Puglia’s region. Scenic and welcoming, Lecce attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

You're welcome!



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Prize & Award
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All artists will receive the certificate of participation on parchment paper and signed by the curator.


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