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Call for Featured Artists on ArtReSOURCERY.com





ART ReSOURCERY is a new website dedicated to providing resources and inspiration to artists.  We are looking for new artists of all mediums to feature in an upcoming series of featured artist posts.  We are particularly looking for contemporary styles of artwork like lowbrow, pop surrealism, outsider art, post (and post-post)-modern, conceptual art, COLLAGE, as well as high quality work in the classical styles.  Portraiture, landscape, folk, dark arts, whatever you have that is cutting edge or exquisitely made, we're interested.  Bring us your strange, your beautiful, and your obsessive works.  We want to see it all.

Writers: We are also accepting interesting essays on art criticism and art history, art show reviews, and guest posts about any topic related to our mission.

Prizes Details: 

All entries will be added to a pool of artists from which we will select art to feature as part of an ongoing project.  Different artists will be selected for each of the following:  featured artist posts on our website, shares across all social media, and artist interviews for particularly interesting individuals who fit the themes we have in mind each month.  

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FREE to enter!
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