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Apex Sculpture Walk – 3rd Annual Outdoor Show






Sculpture artists are invited to participate in the Town of Apex’s 3rd annual outdoor sculpture show known as the Apex Sculpture Walk, scheduled for April 2023-March 2024. 

This exhibition offers established and emerging professional artists the opportunity to display their sculptures throughout the heart of beautiful downtown Apex, North Carolina. 

Deadline for Application: 

  • Wednesday, January 4, at 11:59pm eastern time


  • The Town of Apex is a dynamic community dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, visitors, and the greater Triangle region. This outdoor Apex Sculpture Walk aims to showcase a variety of outstanding artists and invite the community to engage in a meaningful artistic experience. This exhibit will bring new focus to the already vibrant downtown scene and enhance the connection to the nearby Town Hall campus and Hunter Street Park.  

Call Summary: 

  • Sculpture must be an original design.
  • Priority will be given to those sculptures completed within the last three years but other works will be considered.
  • Creativity and innovation of design is encouraged.
  • Sculpture must be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • Sculpture may not be used for advertisement or to promote businesses or products.
  • Designs must not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, business names, corporate or organizational branding or images of drugs.
  • Sculpture can be of any medium, but artists should consider structural and surface soundness and materials that can withstand outside and uncovered weather conditions as well as inherent resistance to theft, vandalism, and excessive maintenance and repair costs. Artists will be required to outline in their proposal their own experience with the material.


Jean Greer is a public art and design consultant with more than 30 years of experience in local arts development.  She has focused on programs where public artists have created imaginative artworks authentic to the history, identity, or aspirations of place.

She served as VP of Public Art & Design for the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC and directed the Public Art and Design Program for Broward County in Fort Lauderdale FL.  As a consultant to the NC Arts Council, she served as their Principal Research partner, building the framework for the statewide SmART Initiative that led to the creation of the NCAC SmART Cities/Towns program for arts driven economic development in North Carolina’s cities and towns.


Prize Summary: 
$1,500 Honorarium
Prizes Details: 

HONORARIA & AWARDS: Selected artists will each receive a $1,500 honorarium to offset transportation, insurance, and other incidental expenses. One artist will be selected by the exhibition juror to receive a $1,500 Best in Show Award, and one artist will be selected by community vote to receive a $1,500 People’s Choice Award.

  • The juror will review all the works on-site before making the final selection.
  • The People’s Choice Award votes will be collected for a 4-8 week period after installation of the sculptures.
Various Locations Around Apex, NC

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 





International call for artists and art collectives dedicated to seagrass beds

Apply before 15th of November 2022 and win a 3000 euro award. Production costs for your art project in Croatia are also covered.               

As part of the project, an international public call and an expert jury will select an artist or art collective whose work satisfies the criteria determined by the competition in the most effective way, namely

The work should communicate with the natural and social context, i.e. the idea of ​​the work must include specific phenomena and problems of the location, 

The work should encourage the movement of people and acquaintance with nature, and 

The work should display sensitivity towards the community and nature.

The art project proposal should make use of the collected glass waste from the location, the experience of people who worked together on waste collection, the fishing tradition and culture related to fishing heritage, and the natural and cultural heritage of this area as the elements for the creation of the work.  

The opportunity for the artist to get acquainted with the specifics of this area will be possible by ensuring the artist’s residential stay in the sub-Velebit mountain coastal village Lončari – Karin Gornji, Croatia. The Pueblo Escondido - Artist in Residence Program – Art for the Environment and Nature is an international art for the nature preservation program that will provide accommodation and food during the stay. In the interaction between the artist and natural context and social phenomena, the awarded artist will be able to realise the idea and develop the selected art project.  

For the first-prize-winning work, the selected author will be provided the award in the amount of 22,000.00 HRK (3000 EUR), excluding production costs.

Once realised, the artistic spatial installation/sculpture will be placed in public space. Our intention is to continue, through workshops and public invitations, to address environmental problems and communicate through inclusive social and artistic actions that will continuously point out social and economic problems in the local context. These are the first steps in creating a pluriannual Velebit educational trail that connects people of different social, national and cultural profiles.

As part of the environmental eco action project and the program is the artist’s stay in Lončari, where they will place in the center an isolated, excommunicated and undesirable subject in the local context, towards which it is possible to change the relationship through education and public communication of problems.

Experts, artists and the media could do a lot in changing visibility, perception and influence in the process of changing attitudes towards this significant phenomenon. Through environmental topics, ranging from the seagrass beds and their importance to the ecosystem and quality of fish life, through glass and waste, through art actions and other social actions, media support, we advocate a fair society, based on knowledge and inclusion.

This call is open to all individuals and art collectives for proposals for art projects in the following contemporary art areas:

Intermedia and art research praxis;

Art and science;


Nature art;

Sound art and experimental artwork.

The call for art proposals is a part of larger eco project IT IS NOT TOO LATE, which focuses on the Seagrass beds and their importance for the overall ecosystem and undesirable elements in our environment. 


Find more information about the project

Prize Summary: 
3000 EUR
Prizes Details: 

For the first-prize-winning work, the selected author will be provided the award in the amount of 22,000.00 HRK (3000 EUR).

Karin Gornji, Zadar Region / Croatia

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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