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FENIX360 is looking for musicians, actors, models, dancers, composers, filmmakers, comedians, writers, directors, visual artists, collectives, venues, radio stations, influencers, organizations, and philanthropists who have social media, a website, and ideally, a youtube video that showcases their craft (although it's not mandatory to have everything). The interview would be about you and your life/career in the arts, and it would be 10-15 minutes long over Zoom (online).  Check out the interviews that have already been completed by searching "FENIX 360" on Youtube or by clicking here:    

In addition, we'd ask you to join the FENIX360 app, which is a free app that represents creators from all crafts.   The app is free to use in every which way.  We would use your information to start your app for you and then send it to you to take over.  You would not be signing over any of your rights whatsoever, and in addition to receiving $100, you would also receive 10,000 FNX Tokens.  More info about the FNX token can be found here:

With that said, if you're interested, please email me at, and send me the following information in the form of direct links where applicable:

Artist Name:
Phone (Optional):
Payment Info (Zelle/Venmo/Paypal/Cashapp - so we know where to pay you): 
Apple Music:
Youtube Channel:
Youtube Video(s):
Additional Links:

And check out what this new and revolutionary app can do by watching this quick 40 second how-to video:   Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you! :)   Ashley from FENIX360 (

Prize summary: 
We pay a fixed fee of $100 to each artist who signs up for the opportunity. The artist will never be required to pay anything.
Prizes Details: 

We pay a fixed fee of $100 to each artist who signs up for the opportunity.  The artist will never be required to pay anything.   The $100 will be paid within 48 hours after you complete your interview via Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, Payoneer, or Zelle. 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 




How does one identify? Merriam-Webster defines identity as “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”. What do we consider our distinguishing characteristics? Do we define ourselves by where we are from? Gender, race, orientation? Or maybe our careers and hobbies? Identity is vital to our senses of self, community, and ambitions. 

Manifold global invites artists of all backgrounds and mediums to submit artwork related to the theme “identity” 

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists from any country are welcome to apply with works in any medium: painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, mixed media, installation and more. A university degree is not required to participate in our open call. 

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 1-5 images of individual artworks, a short bio, CV, and artist statement, website or social media link, and your contact information. Please see our application form for further details.

SUBMISSION FEE: $15 for 1-5 images of individual artworks (non-refundable*) 

Judging Criteria- Originality, interpretation of the theme, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium

Jurors- Matthew Pring

Emily Strong

Important Dates:

Deadline to submit work- 7/26/2021

Opening date for show - 8/6/2021

Show closes and is archived- 9/29/2021


Please read the format requirements carefully to avoid errors with the form.

Send any questions or concerns you may have via email to


Artwork images, bio, CV, and statement must be uploaded directly to the form 

Artwork does not have to be available for purchase. 

Image Requirements: 

Artists must ensure high quality of images, we recommend 300 dpi jpeg or png

mage should not exceed 5MB.

Image should not contain any frame, mat, or watermark.

Image should be clear and in focus, this represents your work and it will be displayed and judged the same way it is received. 

Any video submissions must include a vimeo or youtube link to ensure proper display on the website

After completing the entry form, you will be directed to the payment page. The entry fee must be paid in full for your works to be entered.


Bio word limit 300

Statement word limit 300

All accepted works will be displayed in our 2D and 3D virtual galleries with the artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, and a link back to their website, or email address if they do not have a website.

Sales- All sales are conducted solely between the artist and the buyer. Manifold Global Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission.

Usage Rights

By submitting your work, you, the artist, agree to allow Manifold Global to use your image for the following purposes. Manifold Global may use your image for the art exhibition it is submitted to as well as any future show for marketing, promotional, and display purposes. You, the artist, also agree to allow Manifold Global to archive your image as part of a show. This will be available for public viewing on our website. ( Your image will include your name, title of your work, and your website, if applicable.

The artist shall maintain all copyrights of any image that they submit to Manifold Global. Images will not be resold, exchanged, copied, or downloaded from this website.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 
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