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Calling researchers, writers, data analysts, journalists, activists, academics, scientists, photographers, artists and practitioners of all disciplines to submit to RAKE’s online investigative collaboration initiative.

RAKE Community is an autonomous platform for collaborative investigations, not limited by individuals' locations or positions in the art world. It brings together practitioners across varied fields of expertise to share skills and ideas; building a framework for collaboration and accessible exchange outside of traditional routes or institutions.

We’re looking for participants from all disciplines who want to expand their practise through new processes of research and visual expression. RAKE Community is for practitioners who are self motivated, curious and excited about experimental collaboration and investigation.

Selected practitioners with complementary experience or expertise will be paired together, sharing skills and ideas to produce a collaborative investigative piece. For example, a researcher who works predominantly with written word or data may be coupled with an artist who works predominantly with visual material, and the pair will pursue a socially or politically driven theme based on their shared interests.

Projects will be participant-led, with support from RAKE members via weekly Zoom meetings and regular contact throughout the collaboration. Participants will play a key role in the organisation and production of an online exhibition and virtual event programme in late July, where the work produced will be showcased alongside the second iteration of RAKE’s current investigation We May Meet One Day.


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Work with a professional practitioner to share skills and collaborate on an investigative project to be showcased at an online exhibition and events programme.

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