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Between Ebb and Flow: Interstitial Spaces 




Deadline: 3 January 2022

Exhibition: June 2022

Artistic fields Installation, practices of Listening, Outdoor Art, Sculpture, Social Practice, Painting, Visual Arts, Performance, Sound Art, Education, Interdisciplinary

Keywords Port cities, denied travel, interstitial spaces, diaspora, displacement, listening, micro-stories, post-colonialism

This open call welcomes artists and collectives to submit an artwork proposal for an intimate experimental festival that centres the harbour as conceptual framework and main stage. Hidden and fragmented micro-stories will be told along the interwoven paths that run throughout the harbour, that takes back its original meaning of lieu d'exchange, trying to challenge clichés ascribed to harbours as geographic and social milieu. Harbours are enchanted places but at the same time rough ones, a third space for who's leaving and who just came, interconnecting collective memories. Although still described as a crossroad of cultures and diaspora, this topos of a place for welcomes, farewells and mobility tout court has become a pandemic Utopia. Increased measures against migration led to port closures, travel limitations let us re-think the concept of proximity and the unexpected local revealed new exoticisms.   

In this liquid connected reality, it might be advisable to surrender to what pressed the stop button of the hypermobility of our social worlds. The most powerful tool against the constant drive for production at any cost is introspection: stopping and taking stock, becoming aware of the space and time between the productive things that cognitive capitalism has accumulated in a post-pandemic world. Looking back on ecology co-existing with us thrusts environmental issues into the realms of the individual, society, and humankind to examine the hidden scars underneath. 

Rather than the harbour as a symbol of the limitless possibility of direction, inception will be the "denied travel" in the state of suspense between here and there: a loss of compass. The interventions may relate to notions of time, suspension, displacement, diaspora, presence/absence, horror vacui, border closures and system(s) failure, but also community and counter-strategies.

The aim is to display and give voice to those fragmented polyphonic experiences that find in the isolated harbour their natural playground, enabling them to think about common feelings and struggles. The artworks will speak of deterritorialised people as a community to empathically transmit the shared sense of displacement that constitutes contemporary subjectivity. Does the presence gain new meanings through a denied travel? 

Floating in an opaque homogeneity, a rupture and its instability face the emergency to find a new navigation system to reposition ourselves. If we have lost the compass, we could even take advantage of this new perspective and enjoy the imaginative geographies of the mindscapes unfolding before us.

Can you feel nostalgia for a homeland you’ve never been to?                                                       

If the translocal impact of technological changes, social relations and political ideologies have fostered a novel sense of simultaneity and mutuality, do we still feel the need to travel? 


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A honorarium will be provided. Production costs (incl. transport and insurance) and other expenses will be fully or partially supported depending on the scale and feasibility of the project.

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Currier Museum Artist-in-Residence





The Currier Museum of Art invites applications for the second annual open call for its Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program, awarding up to two residencies between fall 2022 and spring 2023. This program will provide support for selected self-identified emerging artists or artist groups (of up to three people) focused on social practice. Due to the flexible nature of this program, these residencies can be for a period of 6-12 weeks between mid-October 2022 and mid-March 2023. The AIR program is central to the Currier Museum’s mission of connecting audiences with art and creative thinking. This program deepens the mission through an open call to social practice artists who share the goal of impacting people through the transformative power of art. Applications are open until December 1, 2021.

The Currier Museum welcomes and encourages proposals from Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) as well as members of the LGBTQI community. The museum does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Applicants must demonstrate a history of social engagement in their artmaking practice and production. Successful applicants will develop an innovative project with tangible outcomes that align with the tenets of their own practice, the mission of the museum, and the needs of the community partner(s) with whom they will collaborate. Artists and small collectives (no more than 3 people) working in any media are eligible to apply.

Understanding that partnerships evolve throughout the relationship between artist and organization, we recognize the need for flexibility. Proposals do not need to include fully formed projects; rather, we invite artists to describe the type of issues they plan to address, the impact their previous projects have had, and their working styles. Examples of potential projects should be included, as well as a consideration of how your project could be achieved under ongoing physical distancing guidelines. Likewise, applicants may identify specific organizations or communities with whom they are interested in working, or overall issues and themes they would like to address. Currier Museum staff will contact community partners to assess feasibility. We ask that applicants do not contact potential community partners before being selected.

About the Currier Museum of Art
Focused on Art. Centered in Community. Committed to Inspire.
The Currier Museum of Art is dedicated to connecting people to art. An internationally renowned art museum located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Currier Museum displays major works from the Renaissance to today, with core strengths in European, American, and contemporary art. The museum is the only in the world with two publicly accessible houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in its collection. The museum operates an active community art school which offers classes year-round. The museum’s innovative social art programs address critical issues faced by the region. For example, The Art of Hope is the first museum-led program for families affected by substance-use disorder, and combines looking, discussion, and artmaking.

About Manchester, New Hampshire
With more than 114,500 residents, Manchester is northern New England’s largest city and among its most ethnically and racially diverse (, July 2021). Manchester has a rich history in textile manufacturing. Today it is multi-industry, home to high-tech, communications, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing firms. The city is home to both public and private universities, with an estimated 70+ languages spoken in the public school system ( Manchester has been working to overcome significant challenges in its community for years: one out of every 6.7 residents of Manchester live in poverty, with the highest rates concentrated within the center urban neighborhoods, contributing to roughly 39% of the state’s overall homeless (Lessard, Jan. 2021). The city has been an epicenter of the ongoing national opioid crisis and in turn has developed numerous initiatives to address the issue.Individual artists or collectives of up to three people are eligible to apply.

The Currier Museum supports resident artists with a stipend of $1,000 per week, travel allowance up to $500, materials support, and housing in a fully furnished home. In many cases, resident artists may be able to have spouses/children accompany them. Service animals are welcome.  

-Artists and collectives working in any media are eligible to apply.
-Artists must be able to commit to at least six continuous weeks in residence during mid-October 2022 to mid-March 2023. The applicant must list their preferred residency period in their application.
-The selected artist must be able to demonstrate they are legally authorized to work in the U.S. We are unable to sponsor visas at this time.

Sections will be made in January 2022 by a panel comprised of Currier Museum staff from the curatorial and community outreach departments as well as an outside juror.

The panel of judges will evaluate the entirety of the application equally: the images of previous work and community outreach as well as the statement of interest. The applications will also be evaluated according to viable partnerships that the Currier Museum is able to facilitate with community organizations which address an area of need in the Manchester community. Finalists will be invited for an interview via video conferencing. Due to the large number of applicants, we will only contact those that will be taking part in the interview process. The Currier Museum reserves the right to award 0-2 residencies during this application period.

October 1, 2021 applications open
December 1, 2021 applications close
December 2021/January 2022, finalist interviews
January 31, 2021 Residencies awarded (selected artist(s) have 2 weeks to accept)

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Call for Submissions to Bleen Zine Issue 1: STACKS




Bleen is a bi-annual magazine focused on perception and the continuous processes we undertake to understand ourselves and the world, the intricate systems we create in order to live, the systems we find ourselves in which have been created for us.

The STACKS issue hones in on the man-made structures and rules within which we operate. From architecture to social housing and beyond to heritage and psychogeography - this issue aims to examine the world as we made it.

All forms of visual or written communication will be considered - our priority is to feature works which explore the topic of the issue! 

Prize summary: 
Cash prize for featured submissions
Prizes Details: 

The exact sum is yet to be finalised as it will depend on the number of works featured.


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