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17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Tāctus






Deadline: 15th of August

  • touched, having been touched, grasped, having been grasped
  • reached, having been reached, arrived at, having been arrived at
  • attained to, having been attained to
  • moved, having been moved, affected, having been affected
  • pulse of music in music theory, consisted of beats in a repeating yet distinct periodic short-duration stimuli perceived as points in time occurring at the mensural level. 

This period redefined the notion of contact on a worldwide level. The International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival, is calling the artistic, technological and scientific world to submit their proposals for our hybrid (online and physical) edition of ADAF 2021 titled Tāctus focusing on the redefinition of human connection, both as a form of communication and physical contact

The past year, humanity went through a unique experience that affected everyday life, especially human relations. Human interaction of any form came in the spotlight, got fetishized, commented on, and coloured with all shorts of feelings, deconstructed and reconstructed with every possible way so it can pull through this situation. Connection became the object of discourse, expectation, deprivation, struggle, revolution.

Humanity is reinstating the notion of connection/communication, restoring it in public consciousness as the “beat” of this world. During this procedure and with the help of new media for its implementation, a new meaning of the notion was created that is not yet explored nor fully defined. Technology has been utilized gaining more and more ground offering contactless connection as a substitute in its struggle to fill in the physical void. For some this came as a release and to others as punishment, for everyone thought was an experience that forever changed the way we perceive human relations

Installations,Video Art,  Performances, Web Art, Animation, Digital Image, VR/AR, Games, Talks, Workshops, Kids (which contains all the above for children) are the categories on which you can  submit your projects here by filling in the according form below. The submission form for both physical and online festivals is the same. The shortlisted artists will be contacted via email for the process of their proposal and possible details for the display of their project.

Tāctus, in latin, touch, arrive, achieve, as well as beat/pulse in music.

A new norm, hybrid between physical and digital world,

join us in exploring.

Prizes Details: 

The festival offers awards for the 3 first places of each of its categories. During the exhibition, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite artworks and choose winners. The nomination will happen in a beautiful award ceremony, after the festival. During the ceremony, artist will be called to speak about their work and present themselves, while they will receive a unique trophy, mentioning the artwork, the place the work received and the name of the artist. Additionally artists will receive, special stickers and laurels of the festival to add in their website, artwork e.t.c. as they choose. Winning artworks will be featured in parallel activities of the festival with mention of their winning place.


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