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Flow Tales is a digital call for artists and exhibition which explore the relationship between landscape and community on a local and global scale, and transfer this criticality to inspiration for artistic production.

Flow Tales are untold stories of water, rivers, seas, lakes, located in an era of disturbed flows around the globe.

We felt the need to collect and picture the relationship between human and water of reachable and unreachable landscapes, and showcase how this relationship may create new connections, displaying new meaning to places.

The project invites artists, authors, researchers, historians, photographers, videomakers, designers and communication experts to participate in writing untold stories of water, rivers, seas, lakes in an era of disturbed flows around the globe.

The initiative of the call has a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, which aims to produce a multimedia snapshot of flowscapes around the world, and demonstrate how connections can be created among locations that may appear to differ in many aspects, whereas profoundly share a multitude of values.

The project also shares a research-based tale of the ASI RIVER, employing a kaleidoscope of perspectives from diverse sources, including books, articles, travellers’ notes, myths, drawings, gravures, maps and photographs to evoke the forgotten memories and immense landscape value of the River ands to create connections with other untold local flowscapes.

In the long term, the project aims to respond to this criticality by increasing the awareness of local landscape values and building a more resilient relationship between landscape and local community, and preserving its natural and cultural local heritage by curating a global story using digital production processes.

Every Flow Tale will be streamed live on the website, flow-tales.com and shared on the media channels. Selected flow tales will be exhibited in a final exhibition, alongside an e-publication, launching on 30th November.

Download the pdf of the call here.

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The Flow Tales Project is supported by the Spaces of Culture funding program. 

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In addition to the prize, there will be a digital exhibition and and ebook published by 30th November.


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