Open Call: Fibre

Open Call: Fibres

Seeking artistic responses to the theme of Fibres.

​Textile making traditions spans global cultures as one of the earliest human technologies. It has been a staple in industry, fashion, craft and decorative arts throughout the ages but it particularly made a resurgence in the 1960s back into the contemporary art world. Since then Fibre and textile arts have been developing new forms and language -becoming more conceptual and cross-disciplinary, even into this digital age.

​We're are seeking works that explore (but are not limited to) the following areas:

ESC — OPEN CALL / #2033

Dear friends, the ESC is back and in a new format! Now the open call and its following exhibition will appear only once a year. As VVOVVA evolves with each day and does its best to create better experiences, this time the selected works will be shown as a virtual exhibition.

CyFer Open Call

Researchers from the CyFer project, funded by PETRAS, UK, are examining cybersecurity, privacy, ethics and trust in FemTech. Female-oriented technologies (FemTech) promise to enable people to take control of their bodies and lives, helping them overcome the many existing challenges in medical care and research. There is a lack of data about women and other minority and minoritised groups in medical sciences. There is also bias and discrimination in health studies, data sets, and algorithms. FemTech solutions promise to centre these groups in the design and development of their systems. However, the FemTech industry remains largely unregulated.

Open Call: Fiction Beyond Nonfiction

The Li Tang Gallery is currently accepting submissions for an online group show – Fiction Beyond Nonfiction. We are keen to present a platform for artists working across disciplines to share their evolving visions of how digital and technology impact their practice. Subjects might include – but are not limited to – the ecosystem, social justice, decolonization, climate change, immigration, lifestyle, under-represented communities, and sustainability.

Artists at any stage of their career are invited to submit their work for consideration by our guest jury judge panel. The online group exhibition will be curated by the Li Tang team and promoted on Li Tang Gallery’s website, social media, and press coverage in both the United States and China.




We are looking for 5 young womxn/LGBTQ creatives/artists based in London to join other participants in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to collectively explore gender safety issues in their cities.

Participants will join a series of remote workshops and use a custom gesture-based data collection web platform developed by UK-based artist, Ling Tan to explore and collect data surrounding their own and their communities' experiences of gender safety in their own city.

Participants will be guided in ways to map, visualise and narrativise their individual and collective data and findings in their own artistic medium (e.g graphic design, data visualisation, performance, photography, storytelling, poetry, etc).

Space Waste Residency

A one-month sculpture residency at Greywood Arts in partnership with the National Space Centre and supported by Cork County Council. 

We are seeking expressions of interest from artists with a sculpture, three-dimensional or multi-disciplinary practice who are interested in examining questions arising around the waste produced by the acceleration of technology. It is an opportunity for an artist to explore the impact of human interactions with space and how we could move forward into the future. What are the implications of sending satellites and other hardware into space? Whose responsibility is it to regulate this and to manage space debris? 


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