SpeakAIR Online Residency 2021

The digitization of our world has accelerated faster than ever with the pandemic. We look at ourselves in the reflection on a computer screen and tirelessly wonder who/what we are becoming. Each day is the moment which N. Katherine Hayles defined as “a critical juncture when interventions might be made to keep disembodiment from being rewritten, once again into the prevailing concept of subjectivity.” While the fear of the posthuman world reemerges, others may see this moment as an opportunity to revisit and rethink problematic practices rooted within the history of humanism. 

Call for applications -Principal Residency Program 2022

La Becque is launching its new call for applications for its Principal Residency Program, seeking residents for 2022.


Al-Tiba9 is offering artists to join its first virtual contemporary exhibition of 30 artists from around the globe who reflect contemporary perspectives and inspirations that attract our future in today's moment. This particular show aims to give the artist a curated show and extensive international exposure that helps them to deal with the online technologies and confront their works in a virtual environment.


Athens Digital Arts Festival is looking for artists who engage their work with new media and digital art in general to submit their work for our festival (around the end of spring, dates unknown yet). Main theme: TECHNO-TRIBALISM
You can find more details following the link below: 


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