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Barro Tonalteca





During this residency we will find passion and dedication for two prehispanic, Mexican clay making traditions from Tonala Jalisco. These techniques  have been part of the Jimon family for six generations. Their artisanal lifestyle has taken them around the world sharing their knowledge as well as the history, culture and talent of their hometown.
“Barro bruñido” (Rub Clay) technique comes from the rubbing a pyrite stone on the shaped and painted pieces of clay, and as the last step they are burned in a traditional open sky tonaltecan style wood kiln.

“Barro bandera” (Flag Clay) derives this name from the colors of green, white and red (colors of the Mexican flag) and isan almost forgotten technique,  thus making the Jimon family more eggar to share it with the world.
With pleasure and honour the Jimon family will share their ancestral knowledge at Anima Casa Rural to all artists interested in this residency.

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Exhibition in the annual ACRAR show.


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