EXPERIMENT A - Open call for scientists & choreographers

EXPERIMENT A – Artistic Residency

Open call for scientists & choreographers

September - November 2022

Flux Laboratory Athens launches a new residency program aimed at choreographers and scientists-researchers with an interest in exploring the creative collaboration between artistic practice & scientific research. The theme is open and the primary aim is to synthesize a distinctive blend of research interests and people that leaves room for exchange, dialogue, inspiration and co-creation developing on the fringes of the respective disciplines.

The State of Interim

A symposium on A.I. bundling diverse positions on from artists, researchers and beyond.

The Symposium will take part over three consecutive days,
during the 27th / 28th / 29th of May. The participating positions
will be bundled into three individual blocks, one for each day of
the event.

We are happy to present to you our diverse and international
program which combines artistic, theoretical and research
focussed positions and presentations.

We are looking forward to a dense weekend full of talks, dialogues
and discussions on AI, art, computing, coding, aesthetic theoriy,
performative practice and many more topics and intersections.

Driving the Human: Call for Proposals

From February 10 to April 9, 2021, Driving the Human invites designers, artists, scientists, initiatives, and agents from any fields of expertise from anywhere in the world, to join us in shaping sustainable and collective futures that combine science, technology, and the arts in a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Our Open Call invites proposals that critically engage with the present and propose alternatives current developments and disruptions, reflecting on what makes us human, and reexamining our relationship with society, the planet, and life itself.   

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