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FROM 15 TO 30 JUNE 2021

The soul of our civilization depends on the civilization of our soul. The imagination of our culture requires a culture of imagination

Each of us is a Changemaker. This year we were, in spite of ourselves, witnesses of an already present future: in a very short time we had to imagine and find solutions to face a new reality, to the challenge that covid-19 has imposed on our society, but also to change perspective, experimenting solutions to various environmental and technological problems.

INTRA MUNDI is a research project that aims to enhance, identify and define the key values ​​of health and well-being of the terrestrial ecosystem, also with eco-sustainable solutions, to improve the relationship between man, nature, urban place and the environment.

Paraphrasing the theories of contemporary philosophers such as James Hillman, it is our duty to reflect on the clichés of Western culture and on the evils that afflict the world, to find - through our imagination - a new consciousness in the sacredness of things, in the reality that transcends this reality, in that natural magic that can help create positive change. Free interpretation.


  • CATALOG: Printed A5 paper catalog with elegant graphic layout, publication of all the works with caption list, critical review in Italian and English language on the authors and works, artist profile photos with short bio and website links (no. 5-10 copies for each artist) and pdf version to be published on PPLG sites, to be download and shared with friends and social networks and to send our mailings collectors list and journalists.
  • ADVERTISING: newspapers, magazines, social networks and press releases, mailing lists (over 450,000 contacts ) in Italy and abroad.
  • ARTWORKS FOR SALE: In situ and by e-commerce
  • KIT PRESS : press review report of all publications sent via email.
  • EXHIBITION & OPENING DAY: In the Renaissance venue of Palmieri's Foundation in old city of Lecce, Italy, curated by art critic and advisor Dores Sacquegna with presentation of the works by artists in situ.
  • EQUIPMENTS & MANAGEMENT: audio and video equipments; panels, forniture, set up and dismantling show with packaging and more..


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Group shows, Interview, art residency
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AWARD: Among artists, PPLG will choose the most innovatve works that will be awarded with group exhibition, interview, art residency  in Italy or abroad. All artists  will receive the Participation Certificate, printed on parchment paper, signed by curator and Primo Piano LivinGallery's owner


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TRANSITIONS - Take part in a photography exhibition in Brussels



Transition is the process of changing from one state or condition to another. The moment of the in-between is often very special. For this new exhibition, we invite artists to consider ways in which photography can explore this concept. The fields in which the notion of transition can apply are numerous: politics, society, biology, culture, environment, climate, psychology, technology, architecture, and many more. It can be considered in a global perspective or related to one’s personal story, being for instance a formal, physical or mental transformation regarding gender, status or age. All approaches of the subject are welcome. More than anything, we are looking for works that open up new perspectives or ways of thinking.

The selected artists will take part in a collective exhibition at the gallery of Peinture Fraîche in Brussels in June 2020.

Deadline extended to February 29, 2020

© image by Joost Bastmeijer


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