Ukrainian Pavilion DSL VR Space | Call for Artists, Art Institutions, Music Bands and Theaters




Ukrainian Pavilion DSL VR Space is a project created by dslcollection in partnership with a platform for creative digital asset V-Art. The pavilion aims to showcase the best that the Ukrainian arts have to offer - from contemporary digital and digitalized art, to audio-visual performance recordings and other digitalized cultural content. The Ukrainian virtual pavilion launch will take place phygital during the Art Basel week in Paris.

The project will be presented in the metaverse space. This space will also be interconnected with the existing spaces opened by the Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

All Ukrainian creatives and cultural institutions are encouraged to apply:

- Artists

- Museums

- Galleries

- Music bands, orchestras

- Theaters

- Other cultural institutions and art groups.

What could be applied:

- Digital & digitalized art

- Audio-Visual Performances recordings

- Any other type of digital & digitalized cultural content.


- Based or born in Ukraine

- Submitting only digital content

- Maximum 10 artworks per applicant

- Absence of hate or other features to be recognised negative in applied artworks;

- Adulthood in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (full 18 years)

- Permission directly from the artists to display and publish their work

The responsibility lies with the participants of the project, directly to the work of which there are claims from third parties

Prize Summary: 
Participation in the exhibition

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Open call: art supporting Ukraine

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On the 25th of March, the Berlin Modular Society is organizing an electronic music event.

We are looking for art supporting Ukraine or going against this war: drawing, illustration, photo art, collage, animations.

Your art will be displayed during this musical event, in particular, during some of the musical sets and in the lobby. All the money from ticket sales will go to Freedom Boxes ( It's a small event, but if the impression will be good, we'll repeat it in a couple of weeks with the same artworks.

By submitting to this open call, you confirm that you agree to have your work displayed on the evening of 25 March at the Drehmoment bar in Berlin and the consecutive anti-war charity events with the same thematic if they will happen. Your Instagram nickname will be displayed together with the image/video.

We will not use your images in any way other than displaying them on the screen during this event and the consecutive anti-war charity events with the same thematic if they will happen.

Please send us your work in a good resolution.

Also If you live in Berlin you are welcome to visit this event.19:34



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