»Under Utopia – A praxis in beginning to stop resisting to begin by carrying on as before«





Fellowship Call »Under Utopia – A praxis in beginning to stop resisting to begin by carrying on as before«

»Under Utopia« sees itself as a plea for collective take-off and worldings. A path towards the uncertain, outside the realms of prognosis and predictability. As a way to open up a space to express our wishes, hopes and desires, fundamentally question our modes of existence but also mirror back to us responsibilities we implicitly carry for our shared environment. As a way to connect in unusual ways, cooperatively recalibrating visions and ideas for peaceful coexistence in the here and now. Which actors of other social realms could be possible collaborators with whom this direction could be developed and shared? Which places and spaces could be used to try out this direction in a way that is free of anxiety? How can we start to walk this journey into the unknown together? 

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1200€ monthly
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Within the framework of »Under Utopia« three four-month fellowship grants will be awarded for a residency starting November 2021 until the end of February 2022. The call is directed towards artists, activists, and thinkers from all disciplines who locate their practice within the thematic context of the project and who consider a lively exchange with different social actors, institutions and disciplines an integral part of their work.

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Queer Environmental Worlds 2

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Future worlds. Alternate realities. Parallel universes. Far off planets. These are just some of the places we may discover in Queer Environmental Futures, which is the theme for this residency.

Queering environmental futures will bust down the divisions between utopia and dystopia. We already occupy liminal bodies, have activist histories, have lived with and through toxicity. What can queering the future bring to the current environmental crises? If we dismantle the colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and hetero and cis normativity that have brought us to this environmentally precipitous moment, what can we create in their place? 

Seeking artists and collaborators working in any medium, Queer Environmental Futures will turn to tropes of science fiction where we can render the familiar unfamiliar and see it anew. We imagine environmentalist futures fuelled by collective spirits of radical ethical experimentalism.


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