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ANTI-ART: The absence of Definition

Anti-art is a loose term that is applied to artistic forms that question the existing accepted definition of art or questions art in general. Anti-artwork may criticize certain aspects of art or artistic standards overall. As the 2020s continue to challenge our values, change our ideals, and force us to think outside of the box. The Milostka Exhibition Center is curating an exhibit that showcases the absence of established artistic practices and historically celebrated aesthetics.


This is an open call for art and artists who challenge traditional or popular art forms. Artists who have been inspired by dadaism, constructivism, surrealism, lettrism, neodadism, and more. We are blurring the artistic modern boundaries with diverse forms of expression.

Open Call – Online exhibition "Time traveler"

Online exhibition on the topic of time perception. Private initiative and experiment. The exhibition will be held on a separate site. It will also be featured on Instagram.

The last 3 years have knocked many out of reality. Pandemic, political conflicts, economic crisis. Time simultaneously compressed to one point and seemed to stretch to infinity. How do you see time? How did he become for you in these difficult years? How do you look at the past and the future?

Maybe your idea of ​​time is expressed abstractly, or maybe quite concrete images?

Maybe you would like to present your work from 2019 and work from 2022 so that the viewer can compare how far you have come in these 3 years? All in your hands!

Mother Art Prize 2022

Procreate Project is back with the 4th edition of the Mother Art Prize!

An international open call for self-identifying women, non-binary visual artists with caring responsibilities. The prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: painting, drawing, mixed-media, photography, printmaking, digital art, sculpture, ceramics, installation, textile, sound and video, and there are no theme restrictions.


Crimson, vermillion, scarlet…


Red: one of three primary colors from which all other colors are mixed. One of the very first colors used to create art and has been a tool for drawing focus and communicating narratives throughout art history.  


Red is a highly evocative color: associated with power, dominance, passion, love, even anger and seduction. In various cultures, red has been associated with political and social movements, both historically and today.


Manifold Global invites artists of all backgrounds and mediums to submit artworks prominently featuring or exploring use of the color Red.


Emerging Banff Artist in Residence

Banff Artist in Residence (BAiR) Emerging is an immersive program of studio practice, creative exploration, critical feedback, and mentorship for visual artists of all ages in the early stages of their careers.

BAiR Emerging combines the artistic freedom of a self-directed residency with the supportive benefits of an organized program. As well as having the space to create, research, and experiment, participants are part of a community of emerging artists committed to developing and expanding their practice.

Open call for the issue 10 of Panel

The submission period for the issue #10 (Winter 2022/23) is OPEN.

Send your best writing and art for the anniversary issue of Panel. 

Deadline - October 1, 2022.

Writers and artists may be of any origin but should live and work in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic States, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, and the South Caucasus. We prefer submissions that reflect the environment in which they are written.

If you don't live in the region, but have written a piece related to Central and Eastern Europe, feel free to submit it. PLEASE NOTE: If you don't live in the region and don't write about the region, Panel is not a good fit for your piece. 


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