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"All The Things On Wandsworth Road" - Open Call for Artists



As part of an ongoing research project, I have been exploring the impacts of large-scale urban redevelopment on peripheral neighbourhoods and communities; specifically, the impact that Nine Elms’ redevelopment has had, and is continuing to have, on residents and businesses along Wandsworth Road.

As a critical reflection and speculative response to the rapid change happening at Nine Elms, and the resulting socio-economic issues it has created, I am organising and curating a small exhibition that seeks to highlight the everyday aspects and qualities of its neighbouring communities. The exhibition – “All the things on Wandsworth Road” – will aim to challenge the modern glamorisation of Nine Elms by, instead, celebrating the unique character and culture of Wandsworth Road and its residents.

Over the last few weeks, I have been engaging with local people and community groups, collecting stories, photographs, films, and other artefacts etc., capturing a picture of Wandsworth Road and its history. This content will, I hope, form the basis and inspiration for an engaging series of works and exhibition that celebrates one of Lambeth’s most diverse communities. 

So, this is an invitation for artistic dialogues and responses... Essentially, I am inviting you to make/provide an artwork that responds to, reflects the issues, and/or touches on themes that I have briefly outlined above. The work will then be exhibited along Wandsworth Road (Sugarcane London) at the beginning of September and potentially beyond. 

The exhibition will offer you the opportunity to meet and network with other creatives as well as members of the local community, engage with the UCL network, and also contribute to an interesting and important project that I believe will have a lasting impact in terms of galvanising community action and support in a politically and socially divisive time. 

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