NYC4PA Call for Entry - WATER 2023

“Water under the bridge”, “Water water everywhere”

So many sayings reference water, songs as well.  Water, of late a critical concern in our environment, is so very central to much of our lives. In addition, it is beautiful to photograph. This call is about how you, the photographer, capture water. Is it a thundering waterfall? Is it glistening droplets from a puppy shaking itself off, a surfer caught in the curl, or a reflection in a city pond? Maybe you used a slow shutter to create the soft image of flowing water in a stream. Teardrops, raindrops, dew drops .... ice floes, waterfalls, rapids and serene lakes. The list goes on. Black and white, color, abstract - all 2D mediums are welcome. 

Ebb and Flow, Wildlife and Water, animal art

Ebb and Flow: Wildlife and Water is an art exhibition about water and the animals that live in around this precious resource.

Submit your artwork of aquatic animals and animals in and/or around water. We encourage you to use your imagination and be creative with your submissions. Originality is one of the components the jury uses for selection.

There is a special award added for this exhibition: Artivism Award. This award is for artwork that speaks to animal activism and/or water conservation.


  • Digital Art (includes digitally manipulated photographs)
  • Drawing and Pastels
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

Vol.7 - Finding Water in the West

Southwest Contemporary — Vol. 7 — Finding Water in the West

Southwest Contemporary invites artists throughout the Southwest to submit work to be included in Southwest Contemporary’s Spring-Summer 2023 issue, which will explore the theme “Finding Water in the West.”

Guest juror: Lucy R. Lippard, a writer/activist/sometime curator and author of 25 books on contemporary art activism, feminism, place, photography, archaeology, and land use.

Published: March 2023.

Deadline: November 18, 2022, 11:59 pm MT.

Click Here to Apply

About Vol. 7: Finding Water in the West.

Camera Work: Trees and Water

A juried group photo show on trees and water at Black Box Gallery. 

For more info: https://blackboxgallery.com

Liquid ~ Sky


Entry Deadline | July 15th, 2022

Notice of Acceptance | July 23rd, 2022

Exhibition Dates | Aug 27th – Sept 10th, 2022

Theme: Liquid ~ Sky | Curated By: Praxis Directors

Liquid conforms to the shape of its container. The sky is an abstract sphere, centered on the earth. Liquid, Water, Sky and the liminal space between are by definition poetic and symbolic. Yet there are infinite iterations of liquid & sky: consider our human drive to master and contain liquids (pools, levies, faucets and bottles); idiomatic lamentations of “spilt milk” or “water under the bridge”– while also reaching upward in towering buildings, airplanes, and rockets that push skyward.

Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation, RFP

For Application Details and to applu Visit: https://esd.ny.gov/doing-business-ny/requests-proposals/erie-canal-bicentennial-public-art-installation-rfp

Please send any questions to: PublicArtInstallationRFP@esd.ny.gov


Request for Proposals Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation Canalside, Buffalo NY

Issued: May 31, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A restricted period under the Procurement Lobbying Law is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until approval of the Contract. Bidders are prohibited from contact related to this procurement with any New York State employee other than the designated contacts listed below (refer to: Section X - ii).


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