Watercolor paintings

CiW 9: Epoché

International Open Call for entries addressed to visual artists for their participation in a curated  exhibition of contemporary watercolor art organized in Athens. The exhibition is part of the COLOR IN WATER (CiW) series of events to promote artists using these media of expression, and will include artists from around the world showcasing the potential of the medium today. 

The official languages ​​of the exhibition are Greek and English, and a commemorative catalog-book will be issued in digital format in both languages. The exhibition will also be available internationally online through the ARTgrID platform.

The Shelley Lazarus Excellence in Watercolor Award & Exhibition

The Artists Gallery (TAG) is owned, operated, and managed by Los Angeles-based artists, and is currently celebrating its 30-year anniversary. The collective aims to involve artists in all aspects of building a successful art business, from creating great art to exhibiting and marketing. Exhibitions showcase local, national, and international talent, and enrich the community through artistic programming. Please visit the website for current events and frequent artist opportunities.

We invite all watercolor artists to submit their work for an exhibition and cash award opportunity to The Artists Gallery (TAG) for the 2nd Annual Shelley Lazarus Watercolor Awards. This Excellence in Watercolors exhibition will take place at the gallery March 6-29, 2024.

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