‘WHITE INTERVAL’ is Mi-Sul’s upcoming online exhibition curated by Aishwarya Kulkarni.

‘WHITE INTERVAL’ outlines ‘BLANK TIME’. The ‘time’ every artist spends in etching the history of art world. The time spent creating and implementing thoughts & emotions on a ‘blank’ space that holds their journey as an artist. WHITE is also a space that awaits for these artists and their masterpieces.

We invite all global artists both upcoming and established to get involved in this exhibition by not only sharing your works, but your journey, experiences and story of a person that you are today.


About 'Mi-Sul', created on February 28, 2021

Mi-Sul means art in Hangul, 미술. The pronunciation of this word left a huge impression on me, which inspired me to name it after the website. The reason behind establishing “Mi-Sul” was to create a space to talk about different views on art. Certainly, art can be perceived in many ways, but to put various perceptions out in words was a thoughtful decision. Some of the topics of writings include reviews on exhibitions, art books & articles, art news that blew up the world, art movements, artists, and still growing. This is also an open space that welcomes discussions and new ideas which will never forget to credit your name. A recent upgrade to this website was to publish online exhibitions. Although this website does not have huge visitor traffic yet, I am sure the viewers will be very interested to look at your amazing works.


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