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Open Call for Guest Room: Kathrin Schönegg




Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Kathrin Schönegg has decided to collaborate with Kateryna Radchenko, Odesa Photo Days Festival, Ukraine, in the form of visual pairings.

Kathrin Schönegg and Kateryna Radchenko welcome international submissions, which will be matched with current imagery from Ukrainian artists, both exploring the theme "wild loneliness”.

The theme is inspired by a 2022 album title of the band Superchamp. In the post-Trump-era, the ongoing Covid-19-pandemic, and especially the turning point in history that the attack on Ukraine symbolizes, loneliness is no longer a subjective experience alone, but a collective emotion of our times. Schönegg and Rodchenko look forward to discovering works employing photography as a means to picture loneliness but also to fight it in order to deal with current politics, global histories and regarding present realities.

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Online Showcase
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Be discovered by two experts in contemporary art and photography

Get published in an online showcase on Der Greif alongside emerging artists from all over the world


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