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Craftsmanship meets Digital Fabrication





This design-build program aims to strengthen the tradition of building and craftsmanship enhanced with the use of digital tools and computer simulations.

Held in Alentejo, Portugal on the site of CLARA Center for Rural Future and organized by Passa Ao Futuro and Adrian Krezlik, this program is the first in a series of design-build summer camps to take place in the coming years. Open to architecture and design students or young professionals.

Strengthening design skills through the experience of fabrication, working with materials and building itself. The task for the students with the tutors, is to design and build, within a period of 11 days, two pavilions that will become a part of Clara’s project. Serving to enrich the experience of the place, emphasising the connection to the environment and temporality. The technology would mix between high-tech (digital fabrication techniques, environmental simulation) and lo-TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) represented by craftsmanship with basket-weaving artisans. The workshop would use the Living Building Challenge as a frame for design, construction and assessment in a regenerative way in harmony with nature.

These temporary structures are studies for future permanent alternative housing solutions to be built there in the coming years.



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