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Critical Mass


Critical Mass is a new artist learning and development project by Mark Devereux Projects. Providing a comprehensive programme of critical conversations, skill sharing and career development support – the content will be fully tailored to the requirements of each individual artist.

Designed in response to the needs of artists, Critical Mass has been created to offer responsive, affordable and accessible learning and development for ten practitioners who have been outside of undergraduate education for three or more years.

Critical Mass is an eleven-month programme, punctuated by five creative retreats (each up to 4 days) in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Each retreat will be centred on a specific theme. Individual sessions and workshops within the retreats will be tailored to the requirements highlighted by the participating artists. The programme will be designed and delivered by Mark Devereux Projects and invited guest speakers.

The retreats will provide a holistic approach to learning through the combination of information-led workshops, peer sharing and hands-on practical experiences. Participants will be encouraged to test and develop new approaches within the making, presentation and display of their work through producing their own events, interventions and informal exhibitions during the creative retreats.

Participating artists will benefit from regular Skype one-to-one mentoring/advice sessions with Mark Devereux every 6-8 weeks.

We will ensure each artist concludes the programme with the knowledge, tools and information they need to take the next steps in making their work and gaining opportunities for their future careers. As an entirely independent programme, we can be responsive and reactive to each individual’s practice.


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