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Triple call



For the last year of our theme Walk on Eggshells!, Folie/Culture calls to irrationality in order to trigger a reflection on new forms of restraint. Thus, the organization will revel in the imperfect, the monstrous and its vicissitudes and will look more closely at the injunction against the exemplary in our repressive societies. 

With this theme, Folie/Culture tries to answer the following questions, among others:

What forms of expression can people outside the norm use under the diktat of the exemplary?

What can happen in a world where nothing should be disturbed?

What art forms would self-annihilate due to ethical rigour?

How can social tensions be addressed through art under the aegis of the culture of commentary and the benevolent gaze of fellow artists? 

In the age of the all-profiled and all-controlled, what is happening to politically engaged art and its potential for protest?

Crumbling under the innumerable burdens brought about by our neo-liberalist system and in the face of the resulting exhaustion and medication use, how can we reasonably speak up?

With this triple call for proposals for the artist-in-residence program, the collective multidisciplinary event and theMinute Vidéo, Folie/Culture will not hesitate to break many an egg. 

Please note that it’s possible to submit a project for any or all of these calls.




The artist-in-residence program takes place over a year. During those twelve months, an artist is invited to create works on the theme Walk on Eggshells! They can benefit from support and dissemination throughout that period without being confined to a specific location. 

“Artist-in-residence” is based on the legal term “under house arrest”, which is used to refer to someone that is confined to their residence and under surveillance. A sentence not only imposed on the convicted, but also on a myriad of individuals stuck at home because of financial issues or their mental health. Being an artist-in-residence is both a delight and a one-year sentence during which the artist—in conjunction with Folie/Culture—carries out projects wherever they wish, as they see fit. 

The artist will be invited to work with the Folie/Culture team to prepare an opening or midterm intervention as well as a closing intervention, among others.

Artist’s fee: $2250

Material refund: $500

Per diem allowance and accommodation included for two events (opening night and closing night of the residency).

A timeline and a short description of your potential project

Your artist statement (500 words)

Your artist resume (3 pages maximum)

A visual file (10 images maximum)

Any additional documents relating to your artist-in-residence    proposal

If you would like to submit a proposal for the artist-in-residence program, please include only the word résidence in the subject line of your email.


collective multidisciplinary event

To close our program, Folie/Culture wishes to host a collective multidisciplinary event showcasing new works by artists of all kinds. Our selection criteria for this event will be the following: 

Possible links with the theme Walk on eggshells!

The quirky, unconventional and original aspect of the proposal

Possible links with other proposals in order to host a collective event

The possible convergence between your proposal and social issues

The quality of the proposal

The selected proposals may be presented in a gallery or a public space, during an evening event or in any other context. Folie/Culture will thus develop an event context that will best combine the different proposals. 

Artist’s fee: $500

Per diem allowance, travel and accommodation included.

A project description (500 words maximum)

Your artist statement (500 words)

Your artist resume (3 pages maximum)

A visual file (10 images maximum)

Any additional documents relating to your project 

If you would like to submit a proposal for the collective multidisciplinary event, please include only the word événementin the subject line of your email.



Minute Vidéo

Folie/Culture extends once again its invitation for the Minute Vidéo. The organization invites all professional and non-professional artists, organization members, friends and social workers to create a one-minute video on the theme Walk on Eggshells!

The selected Minutes Vidéowill be screened at a public event as part of the 2020–2021 programming. As mentioned above, Folie/Culture will look at irrationality and, conversely, at restraint when selecting proposals. 

To participate, all you have to do is create a video of exactly one minuteon the theme Walk on Eggshells! and send it to our email.

No credits are accepted and only original or royalty-free music is allowed. 

Artist’s fee: $75

If you would like to submit a proposal for the Minute vidéo, please include only the word minute in the subject line of your email.




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