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Online Exhibition



The Albe Art Gallery invites you to submit artwork to an online exhibitions. 

The Albe Art Gallery is made for artists to highlight selected works online. You can reach a global audience to offer a unique experience and use the flexibility and reach of the online platform Albe Art Gallery to host an exhibition, that enables the audience to interact, access, and to explore artworks, installations and works on sale in the comfort of their homes. 

The Albe Art Virtual Exhibitions are an essential part of your representation: it allows your audience to see your work through a curated online experience, show your art in context and providing information to possible customers and collectors.

​As the online exhibition is not limited in its space or sets limits due to its costs, it serves as a good option for degree shows, retrospectives and other bigger events. You can share your works and invite your audience by sending the link to the online exhibition, with no extra costs. 

Through Virtual Exhibitions, Albe Art Gallery helped to find a way for artists to launch compelling, curated shows, as they can play an essential role in enriching and expanding your online presence. 

Selected applicants will be awarded either a solo exhibition or a place in a group exhibition.


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